ThinkPad Tablet 2: Inking in Windows 8 (video)

ThinkPad Tablet 2: Inking in Windows 8 (video)

Summary: The Tablet 2 from Lenovo has a pen option that brings inking capability in Windows 8. This video shows how well inking works on the tablet.


The ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a great tablet running Windows 8. It rivals the ipad in size and weight yet brings full Windows 8, including inking with the optional pen. 

The video below shows a walk around the hardware that makes up the Tablet 2 and demonstrates using the pen. The demonstration shows inking in Windows Journal, OneNote, and Microsoft Word, along with using the pen in place of a mouse on the desktop.

The Surface Pro from Microsoft is now available for purchase and comes with a pen. Inking should work the same on Microsoft's tablet as it does on the ThinkPad Tablet 2.

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  • Your video made a difference, James.

    I went to three stores today (two Best Buys and one Staples) on a quest to purchase a Surface Pro. All three stores just had a single demo unit but lacked any units available for customers. I went online to Microsoft's Surface Pro web site and couldn't even order a 128 GB model. I couldn't even order a unit on backorder?!

    That's OK. Even though the Surface Pro has a gorgeous screen with Cleartype font tech which I desired, viewing the Lenovo Thinkpad 2 video (and others on YouTube) convinced me that the tradeoff's with going with the Lenovo product could be lived with quite well until the Haswell version of the Surface Pro comes online sometime in the future.

    I placed my order for the Lenovo Thinkpad 2 with my Amazon Prime membership and it should arrive on my doorstop next Wednesday.

    I figure that this Lenovo Thinkpad 2 will become a very nice Holiday gift to my nephew or niece when Microsoft can update their first generation of the Surface Pro and I can purchase that one.

    To all those who have read my comments regarding my desire to purchase a Surface Pro I have only a few things to say. I tried! But I have nothing against Microsoft or Windows 8. When the updated Surface Pro arrives with a Haswell chipset, my credit card will be waiting.
    • Gotta Love 'Em

      Windows die hard fans. You can beat 'em over the head and they still keep coming. Microsoft drops the ball with their launch with woefully inadequate stock and it just doesn't matter. Even Apple will allow you to place an order for a product that is on backorder.

      Your credit card will be ready when Surface Pro comes with Haswell chipset, but the question is, will Microsoft be ready?
      • You Gotta Love you haters even more.

        looking for anythig to complain about.
        NoMore MicrosoftEver
    • Update: Cancelled the order because it wasn't the Thinkpad 2 "Pro" model

      Received my Amazon Thinkpad 2 order cancellation confirmation email a few hours ago. (Thank goodness I cancelled it in time. I will explain.)

      Apparently there are two Thinkpad 2 models. One does NOT come with the included digitizing stylus and the "Pro" model does. Additionally, the Pro model has a different Atom processor.

      Since the version of the Thinkpad 2 tablet that I originally ordered did not come with the stylus, the tablet side location stylus "storage area" is filled in. Even if I had ordered a replacement stylus with this tablet, there would not have been a place to store it in the tablet at the area shown on James's included video.

      Too bad. The "Pro" version of the Thinkpad 2 had an estimated one to three week wait before Amazon had stock to sell. I will wait until it is in stock to make a decision on purchasing the "Pro" version.

      Does this prove that I am an impulse buyer or that James is a great salesman? Probably a little bit of both. (embarrassed Grin)
      • Optional

        That's why I have been very careful to always state the pen is an option. Not everyone wants the ability so they have two models.
  • I am impressed

    1.3 pounds. That's insane. Looks very well built.
  • Oversize, Inferior Galaxy Note

    Somehow I don't think this is going to break the cycle of failure of Windows tablets...
    • Continue badmouthing...

      Windows tablets will be a big hit in enterprise and iPads will be replaced. Also once a toy version of Win RT is released, it will be a big hit among consumers.
      • Re: Windows tablets will be a big hit in enterprise

        But your mate Daverock reckons they're a fad. Who's right?
    • It is an oversized inferior Galaxy Note

      because you're a hater, and would die before telling the truth that maybe an MS product is better then the competition, You go out of your way to do nothing but complain about anything MS, so I have to doubt you’re being honest here. You see this as a threat to the galaxy note (which is a very good product mind you) and that makes you upset, which is weird.
      NoMore MicrosoftEver
      • Re: because you're a hater

        No, because the Galaxy Note is more successful than this thing.
  • never again a Lenovo tablet

    I have the original Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet, which ran Android but was a snafu of epic proportions. Will not buy hardware from them again.
  • Why Would This Handwriting App Surprise You?

    I guess you don't know the history of Windows tablets, James Kendrick. The first tablets from Microsoft had the handwriting recognition with digital stylus. Microsoft's handwriting recognition programs have always run on the traditional desktop operating system, why would 2013 be any different? Microsoft is doing what they have always tried to do with their tablet, and that is, run the full Windows Operating System on it.
    • You are right

      It looks nice on video, but do people want those accessories?! Yet to be seen...
  • Nice review and an excellent tablet

    Lot of people would like to use a pen, instead of using the onscreen keyboard which covers half of the screen. For example the Samsung Galaxy note device with pen is very popular. For professionals in the field or on the move, a light tablet with full Windows 8 and pen will be a great tool.

    This is an excellent alternative for Surface Pro and for those who want more battery life and a device that is very light. Lenovo claims that this model has 10 hours of battery life. The tablet also supports, 3G,4G and Wi-Fi-Direct.
    • But this is what we were told since 2001

      That "lots" of people would like to use stylus on their tablet PCs. Taking notes at meetings, or on the train to work, on a 10.1" extra wide, elongated, awkward to hold with one hand tablet PC.

      The only time in history stylus devices took off was with the much smaller and much easier to carry/manage PDAs, back in the 90's. I see a few people with the Galaxy Notes around town, think that took of because it reminded many of the pda era. And for the way many use the stylus, it's an ideal size.
      • They could have been right in 2001

        But the problem of cost made it a non starter. Didn't those tablets cost around $2500 to $3000? I like this because you have the option of stylus or not, and that it just tucks neatly away in the unit if you’re not interested in using it
        NoMore MicrosoftEver
    • Re: For example the Samsung Galaxy note device with pen is very popular.

      More popular than anything comparable that Microsoft has ever been involved with.
  • Digitizer?

    Does ANYONE know if the screens are optically bonded? If it is (like the Surface Pro), it would mean minimal z-space between the digital ink digitizer and the display, which would get rid of (for the most part) that annoying parallax effect of your pen inking at one point on the screen and the actual ink being registered somewhere millimeters away.

    I have yet to see anything else other than the Surface Pro having this, and it would be great news if it is.

    Does anyone know?????