ThinkPad Tablet 2 with Windows 8 Pro from Lenovo (images)

ThinkPad Tablet 2 with Windows 8 Pro from Lenovo (images)

Summary: Lenovo will release a ThinkPad tablet to be available in October at the Windows 8 launch. The Tablet 2 will leverage full Windows 8 Pro to bring the full Windows experience to a thin and light tablet.

TOPICS: Lenovo, Tablets, Windows

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  • The optional pen and digitizer brings the full Windows 8 tablet experience to the ThinkPad Tablet 2.

  • 10.1-inch IPS display (1366x768)

  • Optional keyboard and dock will turn the Tablet 2 into a full desktop system.

Topics: Lenovo, Tablets, Windows

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  • Nice to see

    Someone putting an Intel tablet out before Surface. Looks pretty nice.
    • Which is why it was so overblown

      All the stories of MS making it's own tablets, as though OEM's did not have something in the works already.
      NoMore MicrosoftEver
  • Nice, Acer should learn something from Lenovo

    instead of warning Microsoft one or two times, bring something that is better then only can earn you the share in market
  • Fat, Heavy & Underpowered

    And probably expensive as well.
    • not for kids

      These machines are not for kids to play angry birds...
      • right!

        Angry Birds will choke that Atom processor ;-)
  • Didn't get past the first line...

    Atom. That's the deal breaker. We've had a bunch of Atom based tablets come through here and they are all dire. Intel tablets need real Intel processors, not Atoms.
  • Could be what I need

    The display resolution is a bit low, and I'd prefer Arm to Atom since I've already got a good notebook, but 9.8 mm isn't bad for thickness. The keyboard/dock looks nice too.

    For me, the 'killer tablet app' is annotating/revising/editing documents (text and mathematics, PDF and Word) and taking notes (probably with OneNote), so the digitiser is essential. I'd prefer Arm to Atom, but if the price is competitive with Windows RT tablets and the battery life is good, this looks like something worth considering.

    I'd really like a Surface-style cover too, but it isn't essential. I think Microsoft should license the surface technologies to OEMs, and standardise things like the length/width and the connector for the covers. Standardising would help to create a vibrant hardware accessory ecosystem.
  • atom? they gotta be kidding

    I've got an HP Slate 500 collecting dust. Win7 Pro, Office 2010, I got it as a gift from a corporate IT VP who recognized it immediately as useless in their company. I wish I had the $$ that this thing cost.
  • Now We Know

    Atom processor. No specification of memory or hard drive, but no reason to expect them to not be equally under-powered.

    This explains why Microsoft is making its own tablet.
  • Total Crap

    I don't understand why it is so hard to get rapid graphics effects on Atom-based systems. If you can't make the screen zoom and rotate like an iPad or Android device, take your product and go home because the consumer perception will be "oh, that's slow".

    Windows tablets have to compete on certain basic criteria with their Android and iPad counterparts. If you fail at the casual let-me-play-with-the-device stage, you're done.