This holiday season will 'belong to Apple,' says analyst

This holiday season will 'belong to Apple,' says analyst

Summary: Topeka Capital analyst Brian White says that thanks to a strong product line-up, the coming December holiday season will "belong to Apple."

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware, iOS, iPhone, iPad

According to one analyst, this holiday season is going to be a good one for Apple.

Last week, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White sent a note to his clients saying that, "this holiday season will belong to Apple," because "the product line-up has never been stronger."

There's no doubt that Apple has worked hard to put its ducks in a row for this holiday season. Not only has the iPhone seen a very significant (albeit much anticipated) upgrade, but so has the iPad 4, the iPod touch, and the iMac range. And, then there's the disruptive effect of the iPad mini, Apple's latest addition to the iOS-powered line-up.

In other words, there's a lot of cool new stuff to tempt people to part with their hard-earned dollars. It could also bring a tear to the eye on parents, as kids want the newest shiny thing from Apple. According to a survey carried out by Nielsen, the wishlists of American kids aged 6-12 are packed with Apple products, with the iPad, iPod touch, iPad mini, and iPhone all in the top five.

Apple has also been busy removing the kinks from its iPhone 5 supply chain, a problem that has plagued the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant since the new handset was launched. According to Piper Jaffray's analyst Gene Munster's nightly checks on 100 Apple Stores, stock levels have shown dramatic improvements over the past couple of weeks.

All this will mean more dollars in the bank for Apple.

The new iPad mini is particularly lucrative, with the $329 tablet costing as little as $188 to build. And the more storage you add, the better it is for Apple. Apple sells the iPad mini in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, and charges $100 per storage bump. However, the additional storage costs Apple very little. In fact, the jump between 16GB and 32GB costs about $15, while the bump between 32GB and 64GB costs less than $45.

Image source: Apple.

Topics: Apple, Hardware, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • According to another analyst....

    "According to one analyst...."

    - Another day, another "analyst" propaganda...

    I am going to pretend as an "analyst" and going to sa this.... " Apple preparing to ripp-off consumers this holiday season with their sky-high priced devices that offers little value".
    • It is easy to be "analyst" for Apple when the company already said it ...

      ... expects $53 billion sales in calendar Q4. And since they always give prognosis that billions of dollars less than actual results (even when they "disappoint" Wall-street, they always top their own prognosis), this might mean $56, or even maybe $58 billion sales.

      This will make about $170 billion sales for this calendar year. Next year, they will top $200 billion.
      • Re: ... expects $53 billion sales in calendar Q4.

        Wonder why Apple's share price has been falling, then?

        Could it be that those with some actual skin in the game are less than impressed with Apple's "expectations"?
    • With over a 75% markup? Really wana spend that?

      "iPad mini is particularly lucrative, with the $329 tablet costing as little as $188 to build."
      • Diamonds cost pennies to make

        Diamonds cost pennies to make. Yet people will pay millions for them.
        • When ipad mini's

          Become a finite resource such as diamonds, you might have a point.
          Little Old Man
    • owlllnet

      thanks for haring against an American company. Apple does not rip off but offer good value for the money.
      • Apple is multinational,

        has used paltry excuses to offshore jobs (while the company it offshores now mulls hiring in the US),

        has had a CEO told of an antenna problem during a phone design, he acknowledged it and chose to do nothing, then when the phone was released and millions of people had problems, he told them how they were holding the phone wrong. A small business could not get away with this incompetent and horrible treatment,

        takes corporate welfare,

        does use lobbyists to distort our democratic republic into a plutocratic process for its own gain at our expense,

        shrouds cheap as being "good",

        leeches open source,

        it is not "good value" every time I see the wretched "beachball of death", replace screens due to yellow burn-in, chips die due to overheating, all while I bake in front of it because the cooling mechanisms are poorly designed and implemented,

        and just how long a list would you like?
        • In short, it is only as "American" as its ads and users BELIEVE it to be

          Reality shows a far different story. It is multinational and it does not care about America, apart from how many customers it can bamboozle.
    • I too will play the "I'm an analyst" game

      And say that based on past and current trends that the troll known as owlllnet will once again chane his name by adding another "l" and spreading his hate and fear of Apple via FUD and lies.
    • Just say for example

      That said analyst was tossing out glowing figures for the Surface. Would you still be acting all horrified and shocked, or would you be popping open some "chateau cardboard" and celebrating how honest and useful the news was? Or?
  • According to which analyst?

    I find this article interesting but poor of references.
    • Try reading the article.

      Second sentence.
  • An idiot writer and an idiot analyst...

    go hand in hand...Seriously, this writer lacks any intelligent writing skills and we all should know who bRian wHite is!!!!!!
  • That's It?

    Seriously, one unnamed (AKH thought about it so becomes an analyst?) and you write an article about it for public consumption. New low in your writing history.

    Here's one for you: "ANALYST confirms January to start in a matter of weeks", will that be next week's in depth reportage?
    Little Old Man
    • Reading is fundamental.

      'Last week, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White sent a note to his clients saying that, "this holiday season will belong to Apple," because "the product line-up has never been stronger."'
      • You're right, I apologise Adrian

        So it's just a really weak article that doesn't tell us anything new. Like news should.

        But you do name the source of this insightful information so it's not all bad.
        Little Old Man
  • Hmm

    I don't really see that happening... I think it will be a fantastic Holiday for electronics in general but, alternatives that are just as good or better for a fraction of the cost might be a good option for the budget conscious.

    I bought 5 tablets this year as gifts... 3 Nabis and 2 Nexus 7s... The only Apple product I bought was an Apple TV for my sister.
    • In Apple's case it's not volume that is key, it's profit per sale.

      Apple will get a good volume however and to top it off each and every thing sold will have a solid profit margin. It's a win/win. Sure devices that carry android will over all have more volume I'll grant you this but I'd much rather be in Apples position than just about every single Android OEM in existence. Just saying.....

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • Because nothing says I care about you more than

      giving cheap knockoffs as gifts. And, yes, your family and friends will see your purchases as cheap knockoffs of Apple products.