This is an iPhone 5s getting shot by a .50 caliber rifle

This is an iPhone 5s getting shot by a .50 caliber rifle

Summary: A gold one, no less. People are strange.

Why? I have no idea. Happy Tuesday. (Photo courtesy RatedRR)

Look, I have no idea what would compel someone to take a brand new electronic device and deliberately damage it. 

I really have no idea what would compel someone to take a fragile object made of silicon, glass and aluminum, sit it up on a ledge and put—with great velocity—a pointed copper-and-lead round through it. (YouTube views, I think.)

But that's what the folks at RatedRR have done in their latest episode. (They seem to have a thing for tech and projectiles.)

Whether you're a fan of Apple's newest device or hate the thing is no matter: there's a reassuring—albeit senseless—feeling watching an object that so demands attention from our lizard brains (notifications! colors! animations! sounds!) get a dose of the cold, hard physical world.

That dose comes courtesy of a Barrett Model 82A1 military rifle, which will run you about $9,000 and move a bullet up to 3,200 ft. per second, or about 975 meters per second.

Say it with me: I love my phone; I hate my phone. Now breathe deep. Ahhhh.

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  • Will this be covered under Apple Care+

  • good catch

    Now, people pay even more to shoot some poor animal, that was unfortunate to be too pretty.

    All the beauty must die...
  • No better

    So the video got posted for YouTube views. This got written for page views and is just as pointless and shooting a phone with a gun.

    Guess your bio needs updating because the last few days have focused on anything, but enterprise start ups.
    • Lighten up.

      But nice personal attack! So glad you've read our terms of service.
      • Hmmmm

        What personal attack did ikissfutebol engage in? He/she made an observation about the post and the posts of the past few days. I too fail to see what this post has to do with startups. I do find your thinly veiled threat a bit disturbing though.
  • What a moronic waste!

    What is the point? These are so freeking rare at the moment - if u don't like it sell it - don't be a moronic vandal.......
    • Why do you care?

      They bought it...they can do pretty much what they want with it.
      • price of iphone to them

        Is just pocket change LOL!
      • your point?

        It's still wasteful and selfish on their part. Mindfulness of others is a lost art, as many religious and spiritual texts tell us...
        • Man! LOL!

          Preach somewhere else.
      • Ok, ask them to do the same thing to a Galaxy S-IV and YouTube it.

        I'll bet it doesn't get NEARLY as many hits--even though the destruction will be far more spectacular.
    • not exactly

      They wanted to make people talk about them - they did it. Shot your iPhone to become famous . Idiots.
      Maria Davidenko
    • Great minds create.

      Small minds destroy.
  • Not as cool as the lava-melted iPad

    still, probably better looking than a shot 5C. :)
    • There was a lava-melted iPad?

      Why didn't I hear about that?

  • is there bulletproof ad in the wild?

    waterproof is:
  • Interesting

    It doesn't really affect my life one way or the other. I'm not sure what people are getting all worked up about.
    But it was interesting to see that it didn't shatter into thousands of pieces. Wasn't expecting a clean hole.
    • I thought the same thing.

      In particular, how little the device rocked as it was being pierced by the bullet. Kind of incredible, really.
    • It becomes a social statement.

      It shows just how little some people care about what they own. On the whole, mankind is far more destructive and 'animalistic' than even the animals of our world. The next Global Extinction event is very likely to be man made.
  • hard to imagine...

    Hard to imagine anyone wasting a .50 cal. round just to kill an iphone.