Thodey: Disappointed but resigned

Thodey: Disappointed but resigned

Summary: Telstra has responded to the government's regulatory reform plans announced this morning, which will see it forced to separate its operations, saying it was disappointed the government felt it necessary to go so far.


Telstra has responded to the government's regulatory reform plans announced this morning, which will see it forced to separate its operations, saying it was disappointed the government felt it necessary to go so far.

David Thodey (Credit: Telstra)

"It is Telstra's view that many aspects of this package are unnecessary and need never be implemented if a mutually acceptable outcome can be reached on the National Broadband Network," Telstra CEO David Thodey said in a statement.

Yet, he has acknowledged the necessity of playing ball. "Telstra supports the government's NBN vision. We are willing to discuss options around separation," he continued.

Telstra was going to examine the reform package over the coming days, according to Thodey, who stressed that although the company was engaged with government, as always the company's approach to regulatory reform and the National Broadband Network would be driven by the interests of the company's shareholders.

"While we are disappointed the government has felt it necessary to introduce this legislation, Telstra remains committed to working with the government to find a solution that is in the best interests of the industry, the nation, Telstra and our shareholders," he said. "Much remains uncertain, but we will continue to provide updates whenever it is appropriate to do so."

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  • Benefit

    I really hope all parties can benefit from these changes rather than just the lawyers as would have happened under previous management.
  • Fight or die.

    Sol must be falling over with laughter. He would have advised Mr Thodey that nice guys come last. And worse, the Government kicks sand in your face.
  • Sydney talks crap

    What a ludicrous statement. The very reason this is happening has certainly been expidited by the Trujillo years. Trujillo would have gone to court and eventually been ground down by the government and lost anyway. At least Thodey is trying to work more effectively than Trujillo. Why do you think that Telstra was chucked out of the NBN process you ignoramoo??
  • Who is Sol?

    Ahhhh yes, that American that came out here to run Telstra for five years but screwed it in four then packed his bucket and spade and nicked off back to America like a toddler on a dummie spitting mission.

    Let him laugh because no matter what becomes of Telstra now, Sol ain't here and that fact should be entertaining us all.
  • Thodey Disappointed but resigned.

    If Thodey is not going to fight this he should resign and Telstra should get Sol back. What is Malcolm Turnbull's position on this. So much for offering an alternative.
  • You want Sol back????

    I cant believe people are seriously saying they want Sol back. Sol in the reason Telstra is where it is today. If Sol hadnt got Telstra excluded from the FTTN process, Telstra would probbably have won and had control over that network. Now, due to Sols recalcitrance, Telstra are being split, and are losing control of its biggest asset.

    Keep in mind also, that after the govts announcement yesterday, the TLS shareprice still didnt sink anywhere as low as it was with Sol at the helm. Today, as people realise separation will actually be a good thing, the share price has come back up.

    And you want Sol back??!! Really?? That would truly be value destroying..... again!

    And poor old Syd cant see that his beloved Sol is to blame ROFL
  • Telstra lied

    Hey Telstraspin

    These dopey shareholders after attacking Conroy, wanting Sol back, ROFL indeed, yesterday, still won't see that even after todays bounce back, Telstra must have lied to them.

    Separation will decimate our shareprice, it dipped for less than a day, giving the faithful the opportunity to buy more and average.

    Conroy said it perfectly last night.

    'We don't make public policy based on a one-day movement in the price of Telstra,'

    But that's how these shareholder morons comment.
  • Always expected

    The split was always expected to occur at some time.

    Telstra (Telecom Australia then) was given an unfair advantage in the retail space when allowed to keep the copper network and exchange facilities.

    After all, state electricity utilities that were privatised had their transmission network kept in separate companies from the retail services.
  • You want him back??!!

    Sol Trujillo's obnoxious combative behaviour is the only reason Telstra is where it is today.

    Australia has is own culture which we should recognise and respect.
    We dont need to import nor copy belligerent US style aggression.
  • Give a better Example

    But, did we get better services and cheaper prices? Clearly electricity price is now much more expensive and prices rose much faster than inflation. You need to give a better example than that.
  • idiots

    you are a f***ing moron!

    honestly i could not understand why anyone would want him back...

    as with everyone pro-telstra having a good old bash. you will like this move when it comes out in the wash.

    do you really think some US citizen gives a toss about an australian company, with all of his paycheck and bonuses??

    hell no!