Thus wins HSBC contract worth £50m

Thus wins HSBC contract worth £50m

Summary: The deal will enable the bank to deliver a variety of IP-enhanced services

TOPICS: Networking

Thus has won a contract to replace HSBC's domestic UK national telecoms network in a deal likely to be worth in excess of £50m.

The company has been named as the preferred supplier for the five-year contract after a competitive tender.

The contract covers the delivery of a multimedia-capable 'next-generation' network for the banking group's UK business operations at more than 2,200 HSBC sites, which will replace the existing legacy network.

Tim Cureton, group head of telecommunications at HSBC, said the new network will enable the bank to deliver a variety of IP-enhanced services for customers.

Topic: Networking

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  • No point, internal losses of hundreds of millions of pounds caused by Hsbc's managers, huge losses in man-hours and wasting customers having to lose face and time and money.

    Why do I say this?

    At our Bagalore call centre a guy detected two major security flaws and reported them to his manager. His Indian manager immediately saw it as a way to take advantge of and gain credit. This was becausethe TM knew the guy was good and must have detected something important especially as presented a paper in June but refused to give details without proof.

    However the agent refused and the TM's
    senior manager too dilly dallied for a month and a half, finally the guy left in the begginning of Aug, where he was tricked into
    resigning. Do you think senior managers did anything, well their busy massaging thier egos with that stiff upper lip and a supercilious smile, a legacy of the British.
  • Hsbc for all its glitter is a cheap company with internal politics and claiming of credit, punishing a person in a junior level and what not rather than plug errors in their systems as the comment on what happened in India shows.