TI wraps Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM into one chip

TI wraps Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM into one chip

Summary: The WiLink 7.0 single-chip platform, an industry first, will be shown at Mobile World Congress next week

TOPICS: MWC, Networking

Texas Instruments has unveiled the mobile industry's first single chip to incorporate Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth with an FM transmitter and receiver.

The WiLink 7.0 chip, announced on Tuesday, supports 802.11n, the latest and fastest version of Wi-Fi. It also supports both Bluetooth low-energy and Bluetooth 3.0 specifications.

"As the first company to put the power of GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth and FM technologies on a single chip, we are excited to have solved some of the market's most complex co-existence challenges," TI wireless connectivity chief Haviv Ilan said in a statement.

"With its ability to support simultaneous use of all four radios, the WiLink 7.0 solution will truly revolutionise the way people interact with their devices and connect to the larger world."

WiLink 7.0 will be shown at next week's Mobile World Congress. According to TI, manufacturers are looking at the chip and will be incorporating it into devices by the end of the year.

Topics: MWC, Networking

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  • Nice.

    This should help in reducing the cost of smart phones for the end user's.