Tidemark aims to make profit modeling mainstream

Tidemark aims to make profit modeling mainstream

Summary: Tidemark's Fall 2013 release revolves around improved profitability modeling.


Tidemark, a cloud enterprise analytics company, has rolled out its latest release with an emphasis on advanced modeling.

tidemark screen

The rough goal: Align business decisions, financial realities and decision makers within a company. Tidemark's proposition is that it enables analytics to be more easily digested for all employees via an infographic-ish user interface on all screens.

According to Tidemark, the two primary additions to its cloud service are labor planning and expense management and profitability modeling and analysis.

With the latter category, Tidemark is looking to enable financial transparency so companies can tackle problems proactively.

The latest release from Tidemark includes 25 features designed to bolster its enterprise performance management suite. Many of the features revolve around planning tools to manage sales forecasts and technology spending and financial modeling that will encourage collaboration.

tidemark modeling
tidemark planning



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