Tiny Tech: Mini gadgets and super compact cameras

Tiny Tech: Mini gadgets and super compact cameras

Summary: Downsizing your devices? Grab some miniature tech accessories for macro - geeks


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  • Mini Gameboy

    Made by Sebastian Vargas.

    Credit: Zupi

  • Lomo VistaQuest VQ-1015 Digital Keychain Camera

    Video capture mode for video recording and time capture mode for self shooting.

    Credit: Bit Rebels

  • Insignia Digital photo keychain

    1.8". Holds up to 40 photos.

    Credit: Amazon

Topics: Hardware, After Hours

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  • Re: i.Dear Wooden speaker

    Wait till you see the tweeter.
  • Mini model =/= mini gadget

    While they are amusing to look at, the minature models from Sebastian Vargas really don't belong on this list. They are just that: models, not a "tech accessory." They don't work.

    If you look at the source for the Mini Gameboy (5 of 12), you see that the "display" is just a sticker on the card you slip into the Gameboy body.

    I'm sure there are a lot more interesting miniature real devices out there that would be worth mentioning before putting someone's doll-house toys in a story recommending items for people interested in "Downsizing your devices".