Titan to become world's fastest supercomputer

Titan to become world's fastest supercomputer

Summary: The U.S. Department for Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory is ready flip the on switch on what is expected to be the world's fasted supercomputer which promises a speed reaching 20 petaflops per second.

TOPICS: Big Data

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  • Here is Jaguar which was built in 2008 and will be retired.

  • Tian's with 299,008 processors will eclipse Jaguar's 224,256 processors.

Topic: Big Data

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  • Standards

    How about some proof reading?!? "Department for Energy's", "is ready flip", "the world's fasted supercomputer". Why is there such a lower standard online? This really reduces the value of the article in my mind.
  • Are the Jaguar parts going to end up on EBay?

    I don't need the fastest...