Titstorm still flooding govt

Titstorm still flooding govt

Summary: The group known as Anonymous has continued its attack on government websites today in protest against the Australian Government's proposed internet service provider level filter.


The group known as Anonymous has continued its attack on government websites today in protest against the Australian Government's proposed internet service provider level filter.

Operation Titstorm

Operation Titstorm pamphlet (Screenshot by Ben Grubb/ZDNet.com.au)

The attacks hit the Australian Parliament House servers yesterday morning, taking down the site's homepage. At the time of writing www.aph.gov.au was still offline.

The Attorney-General's Department confirmed that the attacks had continued today.

"[The] attacks on government websites by individuals belonging to the Anonymous group, which commenced on 10 February, continue to affect the availability of the Australian Parliament House website," the department said in a statement sent to ZDNet.com.au.

The government was still investigating the issue and briefing its departments to respond to the attacks.

"Government agencies identified as potential targets by Anonymous were briefed in advance and were provided with suggested mitigation strategies," the statement said.

"The Cyber Security Operations Centre, in the Defence Signals Directorate, continues to monitor the situation and to provide IT security advisers in each of the targeted agencies with assistance to monitor and respond to the threat. As inquiries are ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time."

Topics: Collaboration, Censorship, Security

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  • You didn't mention this.


  • Internet terrorism

    Before their attack on Australian government computers, "Anonymous" publicly announced: "No one messes with our access to perfectly legal (or illegal) content for any reason." How arrogant. Their illegal attacks are no way to accomplish any purpose, legitimate or illegitimate. It is the terrorist mentality of, "you are a threat to our illegal behavior therefore we are justified in harming you in any way we want." It is the same mentality they have displayed when attacking Scientologists. That is why two "Anonymous" members have already been sentenced to a year in federal prison -- Brian Mettenbrink and Dmitry Guzner. The group's illegal attack on the Australian government is an open confession of their antisocial mentality.
  • Err

    You miss the point entirely. This issue was being swept under the rug. You can say it's due to illegal content but you get caught if you look at illegal content anyway. The group isn't even a group either but a loosely formed thing that you can simply 'join' by going to that chat channel and following the instructions.

    Antisocial? Maybe. But it's a form of protest illegal or otherwise. Most protests towards issues like this are generally worse but I think you'd rather a few websites than a riot huh.

    Terrorist mentality? Give me a break. Taking what one person says who is not a representative but just a person giving a diatribe speech and branding them terrorists only shows your ignorance. They are accomplishing not letting the issue get ignored until it's too late. I don't see you offering suggestions as to how to do it any other EFFECTIVE way.
  • Open letter concerning Australian Internet Censorship.

    To whom it may concern, and for the unaware public.

    Do not be confused about the intentions behind our attacks on various Australian government websites. Various media have falsely reported that our efforts are in defence of pornography. This is not about pornography. This is about freedom. The fact remains that under this proposed Internet censorship scheme over time the freedoms of Australians will continue to be eroded, all in the name of saving us from a threat that exists only in the minds of a vocal and very uninformed minority who wish to impose their morals and values on the public at large. We are in no way encouraging child pornography; however other courses of action should be encouraged, for Australia's "Cyber Safety Plan" creates problems in itself.

    The fact is that "banned" content can be posted on ANY website, at any time; introducing these tools is only a way to silence the selected few. Once the tools are put into place, they can and will be abused, as it has happened throughout history. Costs to taxpayers are estimated to be $44.2 million. This money could be put to far better use. Furthermore, the creation of such an announced filter is in direct violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Charter of 1948, Article 19; which states: "Everyone has the right of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

    No democratic government should ever favour one community's views over others, be it religious, political or otherwise; it is discriminatory toward minority groups. This censorship has been nothing more than a modern day prohibition and attack against freedoms that the Australian populace previously enjoyed.

    We will not back down until this illicit censorship has been removed; the freedoms and rights of the Australian public must be restored. Further attacks will continue on a much larger scale in a wide variety of forms. Attempts to stop us will only bring more negative publicity to this internet censorship campaign and make the Australian government look disgraceful in the eyes of the international public.

    We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are Legion. Expect us.
  • Flooded Port

    I hope they keep this up - teach everyone a lesson that us web users will not be dictated to and we will decide what we view / visit, not the Commonwealth Government. The filter will eventually filter everything so you cant even criticise our elected representatives. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep it up guys, bring it to its knees.
  • we are not a number

    what ever the rest of the free world can do to help the Australian people break free from there Iran like dictatorship labour Government plans to censored its people is more then welcome from Australian who enjoys freedom.
  • Our rights are not the government's to take!

    Freedom of speech is a right. Freedom to browse without worry of being watched is a more-or-less unspoken right. We live in a great country, but the government acting in this stupid manner is going to deduct from that reputation among the Australian citizens - internet users in particular.

    I totally agree with you. I respect Anonymous hugely right now - our rights to information are not the government's to take!
  • Unfortunately we do not have the RIGHT to freedom of speech.

    While there is nothing in our statutes that specifically limits our rights in this regard, unlike the u.s., we do not have these same rights specifically granted, either. They are assumed to exist under tort law.

    The closest we have is Anti-Discrimination laws. If we truly had guaranteed rights to Freedom of Speech in this country, "political correctness" would never have gained the massive foothold that it has to date.
  • A test for cyber security

    The attack by anonymous seems to focus on the websites themselves and nothing else. No sinister hacking into servers, no data destruction, or anything else.

    So, it will be interesting how the tax payer funded cyber security guys will deal with this. What, if anything, can they do to prevent or stop this level of attack?
  • Ever heard of the UDHR?

    Go read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Australia is a signatory. The right to free speech is in there and falling back on the old arguments on no explicit 'free speech' and 'we're not the US' is a red herring.
  • It's not any one political party, it's the political system that's failing

    Governments are there for a reason and it's not to dream up new schemes to control the populace.

    All parties are guilty of co-operating with the increasing loss of rights here in Australia, and similarly the world.

    Governments need to get back to basics.
  • Governments are there for a reason and it's not to dream up new schemes to control the populace.

    It's not? Quick, somebody tell them!


    “Unfortunately we do not have the RIGHT to freedom of speech.”

    A brilliant concept, that –
    If my sword – or my gun is bigger or more effective than yours – then might becomes right.

    As it happens – e-technology has become THE big gun in the modern arsenal.

    Mr Rudd seems to have decided that he wants to utilize that gun.
    Apparently he hasn’t worked out which targets he needs to destroy yet.
    A bit of practice against innocuous targets might prove useful before he deploys his new weapon against future ‘perceived threats’.

    Okay then - Mr. Rudd passes a bit of legislation essentially formalizing what the Australian defence signals directorate and police agencies have been doing forever – that is snooping everyone’s mail – but now with official approval.

    Which means that he’s given carte-blanche for nothing more than a whole set of agencies to rubbernose every Australian’s private business – and maybe keep a few copies for their own private amusement.

    Let’s look at that scenario –
    Mr. Rudd was caught out before his election into office, allegedly squinting at some ‘Rhhummbah’ in some sleazy overseas strip joint.
    But of course he was on a fact finding mission and affected by alcohol (ha) at the time.

    But does the outcome of Mr. Rudd accepting his past errors mean that I now have to hand in my birthday gift copy of Norman Lindsay’s Nudes to some government agency.
    AND IF I have to hand them in – does this mean that in future some government employed slimer gets to spoof all over my lady wife’s beautiful present to me?

    Though ANGLICAN I am not Christian – nonetheless the words – “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” - are welded to my consciousness – are entirely at odds to what these fools in Canberra force upon us – and do utterly contravene every principle of free society emerging during my youth.
  • Our motives

    People are talking about it. That makes it a success, regardless of whether or not the sites remain down (they won't, of course, not forever.)

    Yes, we all agree that CP is disgusting. But who would you trust to get rid of it? When CP is purged from (for example) Google's search results, it's truly purged. Sure, they file a chillingeffects notice, but that changes very little. You can't see the URL. There's no way to verify that what was removed was ACTUALLY CP. Whoever has the power to remove it, we are trusting them with the power to make ANYTHING disappear permanently for any reason. There's no way we'd be able to even know the resource was missing, much less actually verify that it was CP. Who would you trust with that power? Rudd? Obama? Me? I wouldn't even trust myself with it.

    In the UK, the Internet Watch Foundation was given this type of power. They decided they didn't like Wikipedia and blocked it for a large part of the country. Once people noticed, they were outraged. The IWF's response was to block Amazon too. They were eventually forced to back down, but the case illustrated the dangers. What if they hadn't chosen such universal resources? What if they had chosen a site with a far smaller user base? Would we know? Or would the site simply disappear?

    Versions of the Australian blacklist have been leaked. They include sites like 4chan. Yeah, we all hate 4chan. Most hate it because of the type of stuff that happens there, some of us hate it because it's a cancer haven. But we all agree that it doesn't belong on any list. And yet there it is, simply because some Australian idiot with a stick rammed up his ass doesn't like it and is using the exploitation and molestation of children as an excuse to censor it.

    CP is disgusting. We all agree. But its existence on the internet is the price we pay for complete freedom of information and privacy. Governments have already gone too far. They have claimed powers they don't have, ruling a domain that has nothing to do with them. The internet NEEDS to remain an anarchy with no rules. Any price we pay is worth it. Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. They have neither solicited nor received ours.

    Anyway, the pedos are already using Tor hidden services to trade their crap anyway. They're unstoppable. All this kind of censorship will do is drive everyone else to adopt technology like Tor and Freenet.

    As the Americans learned so painfully in Earth's final century, free flow of information is the only safeguard against tyranny. The once-chained people whose leaders at last lose their grip on information flow will soon burst with freedom and vitality, but the free nation gradually constricting its grip on public discourse has begun its rapid slide into despotism. Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

    -- Commissioner Pravin Lal, "U.N. Declaration of Rights"