Tizen Linux heads for vehicles as car makers and tech firms form workgroup

Tizen Linux heads for vehicles as car makers and tech firms form workgroup

Summary: The Automotive Grade Linux Group is to use Tizen to develop a reference platform that auto manufacturers can use for in-car systems.


The Linux Foundation is turning its attention to vehicles with the creation of a workgroup charged with creating a reference platform that can be used for in-car systems.

Automotive Grade Linux

The Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup, announced on Wednesday in London, counts a number of car makers and technology companies among its members, including Nissan, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, Intel and Samsung.

The workgroup, using Tizen as its reference distribution, will create an Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) reference platform, which the car industry can use for automotive systems including in-vehicle entertainment, digital dashboards, climate control and intelligent roadway instrumentation.

All work will be carried out by the group's members as part of upstream projects and then integrated back into an AGL reference distribution, according to the Linux Foundation.

The aim of the workgroup, according to Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation, is to use the Tizen OS "to create a Debian or Fedora-like project for the automotive industry. Like those community distributions, the Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup will rapidly feed cutting-edge technologies to automakers and their partners who can build Linux-based products for the newest cars".

Along with the reference platform, the workgroup will deliver a regularly updated roadmap detailing its activities and evaluation hardware platforms supported by the reference distribution.

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  • Tizen Linux heads for vehicles as car makers and tech firms form workgroup

    No way in hell do I want anything linux related in my car. People will panic when they see the kernel panic. Not only that but linux is not of a high enough standard to be installed into automobiles.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • That's ignorant

      If Linux is high powered enough to run web servers, which it is, it is high powered enough to run cars.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • @Michael

        The claim "Loverock Davidson- is ignorant" is a stronger type of tautology, than "water is wet".
    • Apparently Linux is of high enough standards

      Since there already are super cars and a super motorcycle using Linux for their onboard computers.
      Not to mention planes, ships and U.S. Military weapon systems.

      Sorry Loverock, the smart poeple of the world disagree with you.
    • Yeah Right Rubberduck

      Good enough for the US military though as they had to dump Windows for Linux as their drone software kept falling on it's ass due to malware.
      Alan Smithie
    • You forgot

      ...your usual comment about having to compile the kernel, before you open the door
  • Tizen Linux heads for vehicles as car makers and tech firms form workgroup

    Kudos to the Automotive Grade Linux Project.