TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch Review: Run, swim, cycle and record where you want

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch Review: Run, swim, cycle and record where you want

Summary: The wearable tech industry is booming and GPS watches are a large part of that growth. People enjoy tracking statistics of their workouts and sharing that data, TomTom allows you the most flexibility on where that data gets shared.

TOPICS: Mobility, Health, Reviews

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Topics: Mobility, Health, Reviews

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  • Motivation?

    I workout regularly 5-6 times per week and while I wear a Fuel band, i can honestly say it does not motivate me to workout more. It does help me to see how effective (relatively) my works out are, but I was working out long before I cell phones were common. Are you suggesting some folks only work out because they can track their effort?
    • No, I meant that these devices can help you improve performance

      I've been playing sports and working out since I was a kid too, but with these devices helping give me live feedback on my performance they honestly do help me to run and ride faster. A device like a Fuelband or Fitbit is fine for tracking, but I am referring to high end devices like the TomTom, Garmin, and Suunto watches that give you specific feedback and coaching as you workout.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • Now i understand

        I'm not a runner ( I do run on occasion) I prefer cross fit and boot camp style workouts. I do hike and wouldn't mind a device that could give me real time feedback, but I'm a cheapskate, and these devices are pricey! perhaps I'll check out the Tom-Tom in about 6 months on craig's list or ebay.
  • smartphone w/bluetooth

    If you have a smartphone with bluetooth, you've already bought all the expensive parts; get a BT HR monitor that is compatible. The only thing lacking is cadence for biking, which is marginally useful once you've established a feel for a steady road cadence. If they wanted to do something USEFUL for biking at least, they'd work in a power meter.

    I have an Edge 500 too, so its not like I'm unfamiliar with these... it sits on my desk while the droid rides on my handlebars.
  • weearable technology

    Wearable developers, technologists, designers, telecom and hardware providers are set to attend Wearable Computing Conference 2013 in New York next November 7, the biggest forum on wearable technologies on the East Coast.