Top Android phones (February 2014 edition)

Top Android phones (February 2014 edition)

Summary: Time once again to take a tour of a handful of the best Android phones currently available on the market (February 2014). There are a few new handsets, including one for all you pure Android fans. Want something bigger than your average smartphone? If so, there's also a phablet for you to look at!

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

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    Time once again to take a tour of a handful of the best Android phones currently available on the market (February 2014). There are a few new handsets, including a couple for all you pure Android fans. Want something bigger than your average smartphone? If so, there's also a phablet for you to look at!

    No matter whether you are looking for a consumer handset or something that will be suited to a BYOD role, you're bound to find something of interest here.

    If I had to choose one of these, I'd likely go for Google's, Nexus 5 because it is a powerful, fully-featured handset packed that offers the purest Android experience possible. It's the only handset that will guarantee that I see Android updates over the course of its lifespan.

    However, I have to admit that some of the features present on the Samsung Galaxy S4 make it a great choice for the BYOD crowd. 

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    The Galaxy Note 3 is, as you can probably gather, a sequel to the Galaxy Note 2. It brings a whole raft of improvements to the table, and it also supports Samsung's new Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

    Probably the biggest downside to this handset is that it feels plasticky and a little bit cheap in the hand, this shouldn't put you off.

    • Jelly Bean (Android 4.3)
    • 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor
    • 5.7-inch 1920 x 1080 display with 388 pixels-per-inch
    • 3GB of RAM
    • Stylus (a pro or a con depending on your view of them)
    • 13MP rear camera
    • 2MP front camera
    • 4G LTE
    • NFC
    • 32/64GB or internal storage
    • microSD card slot for expansion

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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    You know the Rules. Any Slide Show with no prominent 'View as one page' link and the whole issue goes in the trash.

    Be thankful that I take the time to even bother with you.
    Leo Regulus
    • Yep

      Add me to the list of ZDNet regulars who refused to click past this page.
      • Same

        Useless format
        • Good riddance zdnet.

          Kind of funny how I navigated here. Got the email and the title caught my interest. Thought to myself these jokers have no clue but i'll bite. Clicked the link and was presented with a pile of trash. About to leave but then thought I could do a qick ctl-f and find the article that drew me here. Did that and then didn't see the list but saw the side show. Looked for a way to see the entire article on one page or a printer version. Nothing. Clicked on the first slide show and noticed how incredibly long it took to load with all their BS. Decided I had enough and was about to leave a bad review when I noticed many people were already leaving bad reviews. I guess I'll one up it by never going to another zdnet site and unsubscribing from the email list they have me on. Good riddance zdnet.
          • Also unsubscribing

            I've also had enough ... my time's too valuable to waste on slide shows. Information is my business, profession and passion. You guys should know better...
            Jean-Paul Van Belle
    • arrogant, entitled, yawn.

      go away please, mr Anon.
  • Recycled ?

    Was this just recycled from a previous or did someone actually re-read this article and believe the information was still correct
    Moto X's are running 4.4 now and some even 4.4.2

    Galaxy Gear has not been exclusive to the Galaxy Note 3 since mid october...
    • Recycled with minimal editing.

      The "all-new" HTC One?!? Yeah, new a year ago. If you're going to try to pass off a column as being "updated," you might actually want to update it.
      • Ditto

        I was thinking the same thing. Got deja vu reading this. Haven't I read all this before? Maybe it just means that there have been few significant Android Phone releases recently.
        • Except for...

          As someone astutely pointed out the LG G Flex and the Sony Z1S.
          Or even the Droid Maxx with its extra long battery life.
          All of which are available.

          This list is the same as January but the laziness of it was the the Note 2 was deleted and nothing put in its place. Same list with 2 lines of 2 paragraphs modified. Just sad.
      • recycled mistakes as well

        He still writes that the Sony Experia Z Ultra 6.3incher has the sharpest screen when that title really refers to the Experia Z and Z1 with the same Full HD resolution in a smaller screen, thus higher density and sharper.
        He also refers to the Galaxy Mega as the only tablet alternative here when the Experia Z Ultra is actually bigger than the Mega.
  • Junk site

    He says top 10 but, I only see 9!

    Galaxy Note 3
    HTC One
    Galaxy S4
    Xperia Z Ultra
    Galaxy S4 GPE
    Moto X
    Galaxy Mega 6.3
    LG G2
    Nexus 5

    Now nobody has to go through this stupid list!
    • Wow

      You are right. There are only 9. Thats pretty sad.
      AKH is making Casey Kasem look like Einstein.
      He can count all the way to 40.
    • Thanks for the list

      I don't mind a slide-show of something interesting but clicking through 10 cell-phones is too painful. Let me guess: They're all square and have a screen.
      • Lazy journal writing

        I agree. Having the sideways scroll COULD work, if only when you hover, you'd KNOW which one you were gonna see.

        I agree with most of comments above...this is just recycled info, LAZILY written.
        (Shame on you, ZDNet, for allowing this author to just 'hack-in' his reporting.)
  • Galaxy Mega!?

    Sorry, the Mega is huge and laggy. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    You are missing the Sony Z1s and the LG G Flex. Both of those are brand new with top-end specs. Remove the Mega and add these two and you will have a better list of ten.

    I also had to re-read the HTC One description. It looks the same as 9 months ago.
    • yup.

      including the galaxy mega makes me question the validity of the remaining selections.
  • motorola - now owned by LENOVO...

    This is rerun content. Read the MOTO description. Google sold Moto to lenovo a week ago.
    John Stegenga
    • Moto bigger flop than BlackBerry

      The media all piles on BlackBerry but we forget, Motorola used to sell more phones than BlackBerry during its prime, and now sells less than BlackBerry at its nadir.

      At least BlackBerry stuck true to its roots. Not a lot of reasons to buy Motorola or any other specific Android. All competing. At least BlackBerry offers a unique user friendly experience. And is still the best machine to plow through piles of work emails leaving you more time for lunch and self
  • Nope. Not gonna do it

    I refuse to click through these one page/one image stories. Put it all on one or two pages and stop being a twit.