Top 10 brands on Google Plus

Top 10 brands on Google Plus

Summary: Ever wondered which brands are the most followed on Google Plus? Here are the top 10 fan pages.

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  • (Image: Burberry)

    10: Burberry

    "Burberry is a 157 year-old global brand with a distinctly British attitude — synonymous with luxury, quality, innovation, and timeless style, anchored by the iconic trench coat. Under the creative vision of Christopher Bailey, the chief creative officer of Burberry, every aspect of the brand has evolved with a modern and pure expression that retains the original values and heritage of the house, founded in 1856."

    Followers: 2,329,588

  • (Image: Mercedes-Benz)

    9: Mercedes-Benz

    "Connect, interact, and share your passion for the brand, products, and services of Mercedes-Benz. You can expect regularly updated information about and insights into the world of Mercedes-Benz."

    Followers: 2,521,980

  • (Image: Toyota)

    8: Toyota

    "Toyota Motor Corporation are dedicated to share a wide variety of information about Toyota — latest news, innovative technologies, worldwide motor shows, design topics, company visions, and a lot more!"

    Fans: 2,512,710

Topics: Google, After Hours

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  • Who gives a ****

    Who cars about Google plus ? It's like an empty amphitheatre. No matter how Google is trying, it's just not happening.
  • Ever wonder why anybody cares about Google Plus?

    Did Google pay to have this story placed on ZDNet?
  • Ever wondered which brands...

    Nope, never gave it a thought!