Top 10 gadgets, tech out of Mobile World Congress 2014 so far

Top 10 gadgets, tech out of Mobile World Congress 2014 so far

Summary: Smartphones for seniors, tablets and mobiles galore -- this year's Mobile World Congress has gotten off to a blazing start.

TOPICS: MWC, Mobility

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  • The iPro Lens System

    Revealed at Mobile World Congress 2014, hosted in Barcelona, Spain, Schneider Optics showcased interchangeable lenses now compatible with a long list of devices.

    CNET: Mobile World Congress coverage

    The iPro Lens System range, a set of interchangable lenses -- Macro, Wide Angle, Super Wide, Fisheye, and Telephoto -- has now been expanded to include the iPhone 5, 5S, and 4/4S, as well as Samsung Galaxy S4, and current iPad models. 

    Schneider Optics says that a new clip fits the latest models of the iPad Mini, Air and iPad 2, allowing you to fix the lens on the back without damaging your tablet. 

    Prices for the kit range from $50 upwards. 

  • A smartphone for seniors: Yezz's Andy AZ4.5

    For some, the advance and rising complexity of mobile devices are little more than an irritation, especially if such a gadget is only wanted in order to take phonecalls and send text messages.

    If someone in your family has these needs, perhaps the Yezz Andy AZ4.5 is worth a try.

    Powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and running on a tailored version of Android, the smartphone features large icons and a voice assistant. In addition, the smartphone has an SOS button located at the back of the handset for emergency use -- and can be changed within the phone's settings to call an emergency contact or send out text messages if pressed. 

    Available at the end of March worldwide, the phone will retail for roughly $250.

    Via: CNET

    Image credit: Aloysius Low/CNET

  • Lenovo's Yoga HD+ tablet

    Lenovo wasn't a silent party at this years' Mobile World Congress, choosing the venue to showcase a new Yoga tablet model.

    The Yoga Tablet HD+, now available in silver or champagne gold, also sports a new 1,920x1,200 full-HD resolution screen, up from the previous model's 1,280x800 display. In addition, Lenovo says you can squeeze up to 18 hours of battery life out of the tablet.

    The Yoga runs on Android 4.3, is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with quad core CPU, and has a new 8MP rear camera.

    A longer and redesigned kickstand allows you to use the tablet in three different modes and settings - Hold, Tilt and Stand.

    Prices start at $349 and will be available in April.

    Via: Lenovo | See also: CNET hands-on

    Image credit: Andrew Hoyle/CNET


Topics: MWC, Mobility

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  • Not enough details on some items

    eg the HP Elitepad 1000, what is the screen size?
    AN O'Nymous
  • And the Yoga HD+

    Screen dimensions?
    AN O'Nymous
  • when zdnet will change this schema?

    Again, Is it the 19 century? A a exasperating
    • I won't view this article...

      Make it ONE PAGE or I go elsewhere!
      See ya!
  • Smartphone for seniors

    Why does everyone seem to assume that seniors are idiots? Who do they think did all the technical work that led to these devices? I am 71, and perfectly capable of using whatever smartphone I choose to buy. Not all seniors are Luddites, or non-technical. And if I wanted something that looks like a Vtech toy laptop, that's what I would BUY.
    • Lighten Up

      Lighten up, guys. If you're reading ZDNet you're not their target audience.
    • Smartphones for Seniors?

      Just ignore the ignorance. These fuzzballs forget we BUILD these things from scratch. I'd like to see one of them design a circuit board and build one. During the last snow storm, guess who got stuck on the highway for 2 days? 20 somethings. Not me (I am 70)! I checked Waze and INRIX on my Note III and stayed home with a beautiful fireplace and my 100 Mbps connection.
    • It's OK - the article is broken anyway.....

  • ....@ rphunter42 ....

    Damn straight.......What he said.....We invented ISO.......&.....Ethernet.......and all this foundation stuff that todays gadgets are based upon.
    • ........However....

      Those Fat Icons are nice...;)
  • Opera Max Data App

    This sounds awesome, my boyfriend has a kyocera hydro, it is a stupid version of a smartphone, it holds everything on its own RAM not on a SD card or cloud. He has like 10 apps on the phone and it leaves him about 25% available RAM. I told him to try it out, if it anywhere as good as it sounds I will be totally thrilled. I will make sure that some of our apps (Jolt, Couples Counseling and Chatting, Recipes by Ingredients...AB Mobile Apps) can be stored on it as well.
  • It's OK -

    Make it ONE PAGE or I go elsewhere!
    See ya!