Top 10 gadgets, tech out of Mobile World Congress 2014 so far

Top 10 gadgets, tech out of Mobile World Congress 2014 so far

Summary: Smartphones for seniors, tablets and mobiles galore -- this year's Mobile World Congress has gotten off to a blazing start.

TOPICS: MWC, Mobility

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  • A 59 euro Firefox mobile phone

    While a number of tech firms are looking at emerging markets and low-cost entry smartphones to boost the bank account, few have gone so far as to create mobile devices for no more than 59 euros ($81).

    Running the Mozilla Firefox operating system, Alcatel's Fire C smartphone includes a 3.5-inch HVGA screen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor and VGA camera. 

    The phone is due to ship out in the first quarter of 2014. 

    Via: CNET

    Image credit: Sarah Tew/CNET

  • A data compressing, roaming cost saving app

    Opera Max, a free, data saving app has been launched at Mobile World Congress this year.

    The application compresses data across applications including video, text and images on your mobile device -- in order to get the most out of data plans and make roaming cheaper. The company says that your data plan's life can be extended by up to 50 percent. 

    A beta version is currently available and pre-registered Android users in the U.S. and Europe are able to download a version of the application. 

    Via: Opera Software

  • Sony's waterproof tablets and smartphones

    Sony has launched a range of waterproof tablets and smartphones at Mobile World Congress. 

    CNET: Mobile World Congress coverage

    Among the offerings are the Xperia Z2 tablet, a 10.1-inch gadget with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2.3 GHz processor quad-core Krait CPU. Available in black or white, the waterproof tablet has 3GB RAM and is only 6.4mm thick. The tablet weighs 426g as the Wi-Fi model and 439g for the LTE/3G model.

    See also: Sony Xperia Z2: 4K-shooting flagship sharpens up its display

    In addition to the Xperia Z2 tablet, Sony also announced the Xperia Z2 and M2 smartphones.

Topics: MWC, Mobility

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  • Not enough details on some items

    eg the HP Elitepad 1000, what is the screen size?
    AN O'Nymous
  • And the Yoga HD+

    Screen dimensions?
    AN O'Nymous
  • when zdnet will change this schema?

    Again, Is it the 19 century? A a exasperating
    • I won't view this article...

      Make it ONE PAGE or I go elsewhere!
      See ya!
  • Smartphone for seniors

    Why does everyone seem to assume that seniors are idiots? Who do they think did all the technical work that led to these devices? I am 71, and perfectly capable of using whatever smartphone I choose to buy. Not all seniors are Luddites, or non-technical. And if I wanted something that looks like a Vtech toy laptop, that's what I would BUY.
    • Lighten Up

      Lighten up, guys. If you're reading ZDNet you're not their target audience.
    • Smartphones for Seniors?

      Just ignore the ignorance. These fuzzballs forget we BUILD these things from scratch. I'd like to see one of them design a circuit board and build one. During the last snow storm, guess who got stuck on the highway for 2 days? 20 somethings. Not me (I am 70)! I checked Waze and INRIX on my Note III and stayed home with a beautiful fireplace and my 100 Mbps connection.
    • It's OK - the article is broken anyway.....

  • ....@ rphunter42 ....

    Damn straight.......What he said.....We invented ISO.......&.....Ethernet.......and all this foundation stuff that todays gadgets are based upon.
    • ........However....

      Those Fat Icons are nice...;)
  • Opera Max Data App

    This sounds awesome, my boyfriend has a kyocera hydro, it is a stupid version of a smartphone, it holds everything on its own RAM not on a SD card or cloud. He has like 10 apps on the phone and it leaves him about 25% available RAM. I told him to try it out, if it anywhere as good as it sounds I will be totally thrilled. I will make sure that some of our apps (Jolt, Couples Counseling and Chatting, Recipes by Ingredients...AB Mobile Apps) can be stored on it as well.
  • It's OK -

    Make it ONE PAGE or I go elsewhere!
    See ya!