Top 10 products revealed at CES 2014 so far

Top 10 products revealed at CES 2014 so far

Summary: The consumer electronics show has only just begun, but a number of interesting and innovative products are already on display.


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  • CES 2014: LG's 105UC9 105-inch curved ultra HD TV

    LG is not the only TV provider at CES this year -- but to kick off the show has revealed a 105-inch set, the 105UC9 ultra HD television.

    The curved, 21:9 screen of the television, measuring 105 inches diagonally, is able to support a 5120 x 2160 5K resolution and the extra-wide screen has been designed to eliminate the black bars you usually see when watching a film. The television is equipped with a forward-facing 7.2 multi-channel sound system.

    In addition to the new television set, LG has also showcased the UB9800 series 4K ultra HD TV model lineup, comprising of 65-, 79-, 84- and 98-inch units. 

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  • CES 2014: Vuzix V720 video headphones

    Many of us are interested in Google Glass and what wearable technology can offer us, and a new pair of headphones produced by Vuzix appear to capitalize on this interest.

    Unlike traditional headphones and reminiscent of Glass, the Vuzix V720 headphones come with a twist -- a channel for watching media. The V720 creates a virtual screen for you to watch movies or play games, and can be connected to PCs, mobile devices, and game consoles. The visor also supports 3D HDMI content. 

    However, it is not certain how much the headphones will cost once they appear in the market. 

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  • CES

    The Lenovo Tablet looks and sounds pretty nice, I hope to see it in person when I am at the show on Thursday.
    Paul on the Mesa
  • Android...

    Yeah, android is not the most used os around and now they do the same like microsuck integrating a mobile os on a PC, plus after the stealing let's see them now copy osx features.
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  • How About Security?

    Maybe some anti tracking, anti snooping software with the capability of rendering invasive government supercomputers inoperable,
    That would be cool!
  • but a number of interesting and innovative products

    maybe interesting but nothing "innovative".
  • wow

    Man, I'm really holding out hope that the "so far" part of the headline is important...
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      technology that keeps televisions above 2 average car payments is getting old.
  • Pebble Steel

    Need to cover the Pebble Steel smartwatch 2. Excellent improvement. Very cool.
    Sean Foley
  • Bluetooth Toothbrush

    Number 8,, come On, Thats getting really weird,,,,
  • "it is not certain how much the headphones will cost once they appear"

    Pretty good sign it's vaporware.
  • Pretty uninspiring for a 'best of' list.

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