Top-10 tech gadgets of 2012 via year-end Google search data

Top-10 tech gadgets of 2012 via year-end Google search data

Summary: The results are in! These are the top-10 tech gadgets of 2012 in the US, according to search data provided by Google.


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Topics: Google, Apple, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft, Samsung

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  • Give me a break

    I'd argue that the Nexus 10 would compete with the iPad3 for the top slot!
    • Give us a break

      Google Statistics be dammed, its your individual opinion that counts.

      Show us your proof...

      We're waiting...
  • Well you can argue all you want

    but Google statistics apparently say that you are wrong. If you have any proof that the Nexus 10 scored better, we'd love to hear it. Otherwise, why not just accept the result?
  • Microsoft Surface

    The only thinkg in the supposed top 10 that has any appeal for me would be the MS Surface. But, I already have a screamer Laptop and a screamer tower. My phone makes phone calls very well, and I have zero confidence in anything apple.
    I still remember the old apple IIe commercials where they showed their complete contempt for the rest of the computing industry. That in itself was enough to sour me on apple products for life.
  • 5 Of The 10 Run Android

    So which do you think is the world's hottest gadget OS?