Top 10 worldwide brands on YouTube

Top 10 worldwide brands on YouTube

Summary: There are some interesting entries in the top 10 brands on YouTube in terms of most viewed videos. And yes, Angry Birds does rather well in the list.

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    5: RS Official

    RS is a Thai entertainment company and record label, and is home to artists such as C-Quint, Kara Mail Band, Girly Berry, Matanawee Keenan, and Preen.

    Subscribers: 724,867

    Video views 721,735,588

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    4: SM Entertainment

    SM (Star Museum) Entertainment is a South Korean record label and talent agency channel that is home to artists such as Super Junior, Go Ara, Exo, and Kangta.

    Subscribers: 2,622,956

    Video Views 952,528,884

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    3: Rovio Entertainment

    Rovio Entertainment is the media company responsible for creating Angry Birds. The channel gives up-to-date news on Angry Birds and Angry Birds Toons.

    Subscribers: 569,411

    Video Views 1,134,096,733

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