Top 11 apps for the Nexus 7: Fall 2012 edition

Top 11 apps for the Nexus 7: Fall 2012 edition

Summary: The iPad mini may have grabbed most of the 7-inch tablet headlines recently but Google's Nexus 7 is still going strong. These apps will help owners get the most out of the Nexus 7.

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  • Top 11 apps for the Nexus 7

    The Nexus 7 was already a good deal and the recent refresh by Google makes it an even better deal. It is easily the best Android tablet available for the money.

    This is my home screen. The clock/weather widget is HD Widgets.

  • My Nexus 7 apps, screen 1

    I am frequently asked what apps I have installed on my Nexus 7 so here's the first screen of the apps on my device.

Topics: Apps, Android, Mobility

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  • Busy

    That is a busy Interface. Not for me. I'll pass.
    • nope

      It isn't for you, it is designed for the author by author itself.

      Android isn't for all of us, it is for each of us.

      That is something what Microsoft fans don't get, it is about personalization and not about information overload or only about social networks.

      What you want from device UI isn't same as some one else wants. Android allows full customization and personal preferences what iOS or WP doesn't.
    • FYI

      The interface on android is fully customization. You can make it as busy or as simple as you like. If that's your only reason to discount this unit you are completely off.

      Unlike Apple offerings where you get what they give you, android offer choice and that's what many like about it.
      • Exactly

        Exactly. My Nexus 7 homescreen has the clock widget at the top, the launcher at the bottom and that's it. Nice and empty like I like it. Every now and then I'll create a sticky note widget and drag it to the homescreen to remind myself of something, but that only stays there a day or two.
    • Yup.

      Yeah; what a mess. Endless icon grids.. Like Apple, but even worse; hard to believe that's even possible.
      Han CNX
  • Review of best widgets?

    Other than HD Widgets, you don't appear to make any further use ... would appreciate a review of the best widgets, from one of you ZDNet bloggers who does make use of them.
  • Seriously

    So you throw some everyday apps on your 7, go to the generic app manager and show them to us (including preloaded crapware), and call it a day? Could you at least tell us what is worthwhile, unusual, or even interesting on your 7? Or is that too much like work?
  • kendrick...what?

    Its pretty comical to see Kendrick displaying his pages of apps on the nexus 7 when months ago he was blasting the tablet with all of his ability.hypocrisy is fun
  • Did anyone read this before it was published???

    I muddled through the miserable experience of registering for this site JUST to comment on this post. This HAS to be the most obvious list I have ever read. Google+? Google Drive? Wow! I would never have thought of installing those on an Android device! I mean, does writing for zdnet give you special search access to Google Play? ...because I don't know how else you could ever have discovered exotic apps like Flipboard and Evernote! My Nex7 will be so much more useful now!