Top Android apps for summer

Top Android apps for summer

Summary: Summertime is a good time to play with your Android device. These 10 apps are a good way to make your phone or tablet better.


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  • Ultimate Rotation

    I discovered this utility when the Nexus 7 was released. That tablet had autorotation that would switch from portrait to landscape orientation when the tablet was rotated. Google chose to only display the home screen in portrait, even when the tablet was rotated to landscape.

    This was extremely annoying for me as I want my home screens to always reflect how the tablet is being held.

    Enter Ultimate Rotation, an app that forces phones and tablets to have the rotation behavior that the owner wants. It can override the OS, and autorotate or not depending on the settings. This simple control is very useful on any device.

    While my current Android devices autorotate as expected, Ultimate Rotation lets me put a widget control on the home screen to temporarily override that behavior when it makes sense. I usually tap the control to disable autorotation when I'm reading a book on my device, as I only do that in portrait.

    Ultimate Rotation — $2.99 (7-day free trial available)

  • Papyrus

    If you like to take notes on your Android phone or tablet, Papyrus is a great way to do so. It's strength is handling handwritten notes, and if you own a device with stylus support you will love Papyrus.

    Those without stylus support needn't fret; the app allows handwriting notes with a finger tip. This works much better than you might think.

    Papyrus — Free (Premium features are available via in-app purchase)

    Key Features

    • Take notes naturally with a pen on active-pen enabled devices
    • Take notes with your finger or passive stylus (if you don’t have an active pen)
    • Pen strokes are vector graphics
    • Undo/redo strokes
    • Select, move, and resize strokes
    • Change the color and weight of selected strokes
    • Cut, copy, and paste strokes between notes
    • Multiple paper types and sizes
    • Two finger scroll
    • Two finger pinch-to-zoom
    • Two finger double tap to zoom to 100 percent
    • Organize notes within notebooks (long press, drag and drop)
    • Sort notes and notebooks
    • Image import, crop and resize
    • Export notes to PDF, PNG, or JPEG for printing, archiving or sharing
    • Share notes with friends and colleagues via email, Evernote and other services
    • Samsung Multi-Window support (available on Galaxy Note 2, Note 8.0 and Note 10.1)
    • Shortcuts to create a new note or open a notebook
  • BaconReader for Reddit

    If you spend much time on Reddit, you must get this app. BaconReader for Reddit is designed to bring the far-reaching areas of Reddit to your device. It features an easy-to-use interface that lets even the most experienced Redditors find what is of interest.

    BaconReader Premium for Reddit — $1.99 (free ad supported version available)


    • Jelly Bean compatibility with expandable notifications and other Jelly Bean features
    • Complete tutorial guide to reddit, for new and experienced redditors
    • FULL Screen mode
    • Tablet-optimized design
    • Sharp, ICS inspired design, with easier reddit navigation and more sorting options
    • Full user profile support
    • Color coded comment threads
    • Full-featured reddit inbox
    • Rageface and look of disapproval support
    • Easy access to subreddits using the subreddit sidebar with long-press
    • Search for new subreddits based on name or keyword and subscribe to them

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  • Couldn't read it

    Got to picture 2 and gave up because of all the flashing and re-loading.
    Little Old Man
    • same for me

      Even with adp it was too much for me.
    • Ah yes

      The dreaded gallery we are constantly subjected to! But hey the pinball recommendation is cool.
    • Android Application Development Company

      Nice list of summer apps - I guess people like most of the app which has customization facility by their mood so they change and update accordingly.
  • another bloody gallery

    didn't go past the first page. Compare:
  • Agreed...

    ZDNet needs to do away with the gallery crap. Forcing us to reload the page 10+ times just to read the review on a couple of apps is very inefficient. Jason's "The first ten Android apps a professional should download" article is EXACTLY the way articles like this should be published.

    Personally, I went straight to the comment section when I saw it was a gallery. No way I'm going thru all that crap. Just give us the description/review, the link, and maybe a picture when needed. If we want to see more pictures, I'm sure they'll have plenty in the apps' page on the Play store.
    • I also agree

      I like the idea of these posts but having to reload the page puts me off. I barely read them (if ever). Put the reviews on one page or have a gallery that loads each picture on the same page.
  • Article Format

    As you are critically aware, 'Slide Shows' are a grossly unacceptable media format. Yet you continue to antagonize and intimidate your clients with this terrible torture. READ MY LIPS: REAL TECHS (YOUR PRIMARY CLIENTS) DO NOT 'DO' SLIDE SHOWS.

    Essentially, this also means that they never see your advertisers messages.

    HEY; WAKE UP !!!
    Leo Regulus
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    Guys I have found one cool android apps for my cell phone by the name of instant heart attack rate, to download it you can click on the following link:

    I won't even open the second picture. I need an article I can print as a pdf or paste into a Word doc and reference. What a pain. I expect there is something useful lurking in the article.
  • There is a reason for the slideshow

    Every new page load = new ads on your screen ;)
    Tomas M.
  • I will not read a gallery article

    Hopefully Zdnet (and others) figure out soon that these gallery style articles are losing business for them. I didn't read this one and I will not read any others.

    I must agree with the vein of the comments posted here. The Gallery format is frustrating. Get this stuff on one page and we will scroll as needed. I realize you are paid by the ads and this is a way you can charge your advertisers more. However, if you continue to lose eyeballs it's going to hurt your ad revenue even more. That's the business perspective. Geek perspective: Gallery sucks!
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  • HHMMM...I could read it

    and appreciated the information.