Top Android apps for the Galaxy Note 2 including multi-view usage

Top Android apps for the Galaxy Note 2 including multi-view usage

Summary: The Galaxy Note 2 is well suited for productive work with its huge 5.5-inch screen. That work requires good apps, especially those that work in multi-view. Here are some good ones.


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  • Multi-view on the Note 2

    Samsung greatly increased the usefulness of the Note line with the introduction of multi-view. This allows opening two apps at the same time that display side-by-side on the big screen.

    Not all apps are multi-view compatible, but the ones shows in the following collection work well with this feature. The slides to come demonstrate how I use multi-view to great effect, including which apps I typically use together on the display.

    Multi-view works equally well in both portrait and landscape orientation, but I find the latter to be my preferred method.

  • Using Tweetings with the Browser

    I use Twitter a lot and find it a useful tool for researching breaking news. This news is often given with web links to more information, and this is where multi-view is very useful.

    I open the browser in the left half of the screen and Tweetings on the right. This lets me swipe down the Twitter timeline in Tweetings. When I hit a news item of interest I tap the link in the tweet.

    This opens up in the browser on the left without leaving Tweetings. If the article in the browser is indeed interesting, I simply slide the border in the middle of the two apps to make the browser window bigger. I can slide the border at will, returning to an equally split screen when I return to Tweetings.

  • Adjustable multi-view windows

    As mentioned in the previous slide, the multi-view windows are adjustable by simply sliding the border between the two apps. In this photo the browser window on the left is bigger to better see the article. It can be moved back to the middle when returning to Twitter in the Tweetings app as displayed.

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  • Good review and observations.

    This is the first review of Android apps that I have read that actually showcases the advantages of both the ecosystem and it's use in a phablet.

    Perhaps Android developers have decided to focus more on the phablet and seven inch tablet form factors and, basically, ignore the ten inch tablet display dimensions in their app optimization efforts.
    • Android UI is scalable

      To any resolution, aspect ratio and screen size. It was designed that way in the OS from day1 unlike iOS which has devs bitmapping the UI for each device.
  • pocket informant

    how is pocket informant better than the myriad of calendar/to do apps which are free? why would I want to pay $10 for this?

    also you should note in your article that for those who install custom ROMs on their note 2, multi-view is not restricted to a few apps. you can use any app at all side by side.
    • multiview for note1

      Is also available thru note2 rom port. The note1 is even better for multiview as it has a bigger screen resolution.
      • I'm interested in the Note 3

        The Note 2 is impressive no doubt. Hopefully the Note 3 will use the same technology Samsung put into the Nexus 10 for an insane and super-detailed screen resolution without sacrificing image quality...
        • note 3

          I have room in my pocket for slightly larger device so I'm hoping for 6-6.5" full hd screen in the note 3. And please make sure the sd slot can be accessed without removing the battery like in note1.
          • Note 3 announcement???

            Has Samsung formally announced there will be a Note 3? If so, have they mentioned a possible release time frame?
            number cruncher
    • PI is excellent, but...

      Pocket Informant is an excellent PIM IF you need and use all the "bells and whistles". This has been a mobile app favorite on nearly every platform for many years. If you can make use of its features it is well worth the money. However you are correct in saying there are many other PIMs on the market that may serve you well and are free!
      number cruncher
  • Galaxy S3

    Some custom roms for the Galaxy S3 have multi window cooked into them. Just a thought for those who don't know.
  • 2 missing apps in your list

    With the S-Pen, ezpdf and squareup should be on the list. PDF mark ups and signatures for credit card processing would be ideal with the pen and the larger screen.