Top Android phones (April 2014 edition)

Top Android phones (April 2014 edition)

Summary: Time once again to take a tour of a handful of the best Android phones currently available on the market (April 2014). There are a few new handsets, including one for all you pure Android fans. Also, do you want a smartphone that's a little more robust that regular devices? If so, how about a new water- and dust-resistant smartphone from Sony.


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    Update: The May 2014 Android phone report is now available.

    Time once again to take a tour of a handful of the best Android phones currently available on the market (April 2014). There are a few new handsets, including a couple for all you pure Android fans. Want something bigger than your average smartphone? If so, there's also a phablet for you to look at!

    No matter whether you are looking for a consumer handset or something that will be suited to a BYOD role, you're bound to find something of interest here.

    If I had to choose one of these, I'd still more than likely go for Google's Nexus 5 because it's a powerful, fully featured handset that offers the purest Android experience possible. It's the only handset that will guarantee that you'll see Android updates over the course of its lifespan.

    However, I have to admit that some of the features present on the Samsung Galaxy S5 make it a great choice for the BYOD crowd. Not only is it water- and dust-resistant — something Samsung doesn't talk much about — but it's also crammed with cool features and software. If you like to geek out over smartphones, this is the one to geek out over.

  • (Image: HTC)

    HTC One M8

    Looking like the original HTC One, the One M8 features a unibody aluminum shell which gives it a firm feel, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4 with its plastic shell.

    Inside the shell is everything you'd expect from a modern Android smartphone — a large, high-pixel-density display, a powerful quad-core processor, plenty of storage, good cameras, and a microSD card for storage expansion which supports cards up to 128GB.

    An excellent Android handset.

    • KitKat (Android 4.2.2) with HTC Sense
    • 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
    • 5-inch Full HD, 1080p display (441 pixels-per-inch)
    • 4MP rear camera
    • 4MP UltraPixel front camera
    • 16/32GB internal storage
    • microSD card slot

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  • Choices

    if I HAD to choose one, it would probably be the S5
    • Comment

      if I HAD to comment I would write this
  • Have you used these phones?

    Or just guessing?

    How is the S4 on the list? Laggy with awful Bluetooth connectivity is a good phone these days?
  • Update your Nexus 5 Review...

    "I'd give this a few weeks for Google to shake out any potential bugs before recommending it...."

    When was this written, in November of last year? The Nexus 5 has already seen software and hardware tweaks that addressed initial deficiencies.
  • Comparison?

    "It might now have been superceded by the Galaxy S4, but there's still an awful lot to like about the Galaxy S4"

    Nice! S4 superceded by S4!
  • I'll wait

    for 64bit phones to come out
  • LG G2

    received a KitKat update last week (T-Mobile, Germany)