Top apps for job seekers

Top apps for job seekers

Summary: ZDNet UK presents a rundown of most useful apps for job hunters, from job search tools to CV polishers, business-card scanners and social-networking portals

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  • Audio Job Interview Professional app

    Looking for a new job? ZDNet UK presents a selection of apps to help you in your search — from interview practice and social-networking apps to business-card scanners, advice guides and pocket CV tools.

    Audio Job Interview Professional
    This interesting 59p app for iPhone allows the user to record a job interview and share it with a prospective employer.

    Users select questions that are relevant to their application from a list, then record their answers. The recording is uploaded to the web and the URL is sent to recruiters.

    The company behind the Audio Job Interview Professional app claims that employers are grateful to receive recorded interviews, not only because they help candidates stand out, but because it saves them time in the recruiting process.

    Photo credit: Halosys Technologies Inc

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  • Pocket CV app

    Pocket CV
    Pocket CV app lets you craft and send a CV from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This £1.79 app uses PDF-rendering technology to create professional-looking CVs.

    Photo credit: Mani Ghasemlou

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Topics: Mobility, Apps

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  • Yeah really, this one great application for Job seeker.