Top apps for job seekers

Top apps for job seekers

Summary: ZDNet UK presents a rundown of most useful apps for job hunters, from job search tools to CV polishers, business-card scanners and social-networking portals

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  • Job Centre Plus app

    Job Centre Plus
    If you want some official guidance in your job hunt, then try the free Job Centre Plus app for the iPhone.

    The app lets you search the Job Centre database in England, Scotland and Wales, and cross-check vacancies by location on Google Maps. According to Directgov, the Job Centre Plus database is one of the largest in the UK, with 10,000 new vacancies listed every day.

    Photo credit: Directgov

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  • Craigslist app

    Craigslist is a marketplace and exchange centre for just about anything you can think of, but it's also an excellent resource for the job seeker.

    The CraigsPro app costs £0.59 for iPhone and iPad. An Android version is available for £1.85.

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Topics: Mobility, Apps

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  • Yeah really, this one great application for Job seeker.