Top apps for travel on a shoestring

Top apps for travel on a shoestring

Summary: A selection of applications that are useful when you're on the road.. and save you a few cents on the way.


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  • Name: Free Wi-Fi finder

    Developer: JiWire

    Compatibility: iOS 

    A quick and easy way to find Wi-Fi hotspots, this app uses your phone's GPS system to hook into a database of free Internet spots. 

    The database is updated daily, and over 145,000 locations worldwide are currently stored.

  • Name: Skype

    Developer: Skype

    Compatibility: iOS | Android

    The Skype app will have you making calls around the globe with no fuss, and without picking up the bill for high roaming charge.

    It's a free app that uses a Wi-Fi connection to make calls to anyone with a Skype username that you are connected with. In a call, you can swipe from the video call to access instant messaging, or view their profile.

    If you want to call or text a number outside of Skype, then you can join a subscription service to make cheaper international calls.

    Be careful of using Skype on any pay-as-you-go Internet connection, as it does (naturally) hog a vast amount of bandwidth.

  • Name: MetrO

    Developer: Kinevia

    Compatibility: iOS | Android

    I've used this app many times around European jaunts, and it is a lifesaver (when my carrier chooses not to block my smartphone by accident). It's free, updated regulary and displays the transport networks of over 400 cities across the world. 

    You don't need a network connection once the cities are installed, but if there are transport disruptions, updates can be found by turning on your Wi-Fi.

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  • You missed a few very handy ones

    SeatGuru will let you know which seats on your flight are the best, meaning you may be able to save some money by not upgrading to Economy Comfort or such just to get more leg room.

    Yapta will search for prices of flights, even after you have booked and let you know if you can get a refund based on your airlines policies.

    Tripit lets you keep all of your itinerary information in one place.

    GateGuru (when combined with TripIt above) will tell you when your flight has been delayed, if there is a gate change, etc.

    MeeTicket will keep all of your electronic boarding passes for you, saving you from having to print out your boarding passes and in many cities allowing you to go straight to security if you have no checked bags.
  • Add Windows Phone compatability

    Many of the apps mentioned also have Windows Phone versions. You should add that to your compatability reference.