Top business apps for Apple's iPhone, iPad

Top business apps for Apple's iPhone, iPad

Summary: What are some of the best iOS apps on the market suitable for business and enterprise users?


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  • Google Translate

    Name: Google Translate

    Developer: Google

    Price: Free

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

    Google Translate is often the first stop when web users want to quickly translate phrases on the go. The service, available through a mobile app or via a web browser, can translate text in over 60 languages. In many languages, you can also speak the language rather than type it, and listen to the translation spoken aloud.  

    Via: Apple App Store

  • FlightView

    Name: FlightView

    Developer: FlightView

    Price: Free

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

    Flightview is one of my favorite apps as I tend to travel often throughout the year. The app displays flight information, cancellations and delays in real-time, and you can track flights while they are in the air (which is more addictive than it sounds). If you input a flight you're waiting for or planning to catch, you can set the app to update you with status alerts. 

    Via: Apple App Store

  • Invoice2go

    Name: Invoice2go

    Developer: Chris Strode

    Price: £6.99 ($10)

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

    Migrating from desktop-only invoicing software, Invoice2go is a useful mobile application for creating customized invoices on your travels. The app includes over 20 templates for invoices, estimates, memos and purchase orders among others, the automatic calculation of costs, and can track customer payment for you. 

    In addition, a feature I particularly like is the addition of PayPal buttons to your invoices, which lets customers pay you directly through PayPal. 

    Files can be sent onwards via email or as .pdf files.

    Via: Apple App Store

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  • What about telephone integration?

    I'm the developer of Phone Amego which lets you use your Mac to streamline calling and call management by automating the typical procedures you would perform when using a phone.

    Getting Apple to enable this kind of business App has been a long journey.
    • ZDNet: please update your image gallery web app

      We are in 2013, for Pete's sake, not 1995. It is nowadays possible to just load the next image through JavaScript without loading a whole page just to see the next image
      • Yes please

        And fix the headline story links so they work on chrome on android.
  • Hmmm

    No Microsoft Office or OneNote? If you play in the bus world these are key apps. Love my WP8 with Office and One Note.
    • the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round

      ((( "No Microsoft Office or OneNote? If you play in the bus world these are key apps." )))

      iPhones and iPads are the most popular business smartphones and tablets by a wide margin. Microsoft's intransigence in releasing a version of Office and OneNote for iOS hasn't made the iPhone/iPad any less popular, it has only made Office/OneNote less necessary, as businesses discover that many of the alternatives are actually superior solutions.
      • I never see an iPad at any site

        As a consultant, I travel to a lot of different locations. I've never seen an iPad used for any meeting. People still bring their laptops to meetings. I see iPhones and Galaxy phones, but they aren't used for business, just personal emails, etc.

        When you have your entire work life in a Lenovo or Dell laptop, why would you bother to have an iPad? The laptops are only slightly less convenient and have everything integrated. That's the no-compromise solution.
        A Gray
        • I see tablets all over the place

          To counter @A Gray I travel all over the United States and see tablets, mostly iPads, in every workplace. It is especially used where the local IT professionals actually are progressive and have stopped believing the brainwashing from their education that Microsoft is the only way to go.
          • I call BS

            Yes, I see Apple products at work, and nearly all are used for personal purposes. While Microsoft products at work are used for productivity. Sure there are some exceptions. The guy trying to do work on the iPad is just trying to justify the overpriced purchase he made (or trying to be cool).
            Sean Foley
          • Brainwashed and wrong

            You just called me a liar @mdrapps and I take great exception to it. I only countered the other posted and did not dispute his take in things. My experiences are different. There is wide usage of tablets in the workplace to get things done. Not as a replacement for the PC but as an addition. I also walk into places where there is no tablet integration at all.

            I am sure that "where you work" is a great microcosm of what is really going on out in the real world.
        • You must be look more people

          You don´t see another equipment because There are people with Galaxy Note replacing their notebooks but You only have eyes only for Mac (or maybe you don´t know almost anything)
    • The actually lesson that

      many are learning is that MS Office is not as essential as many think. The younger working generation are already device/software agnostic. Give them MS Office, Google Docs, Libre Office.....they dont care.
      • This is not a "working generation"

        You cannot "not care" what software is being used if you are really serious. Of course if all you need is some bold text and different font then yes, office does not matter. Notepad works even better than any kind of office suite.
      • Right . . .

        You probably don't need office if all you're doing is checking your Facebook status and sending tweets. As for the grown-ups in the room who want to get real work done I think you'll find a different perception.
        • Narrow minded approach

          Only a child refers to themselves as a "grown up". Plenty of "real" work is done on the tablet device. Plenty of people who don't tweet or use Facebook are using a tablet as a real world tool for the workplace.
        • Huh?

          Office is great but I've never needed it for 'real work'. I've only ever needed it to make a document for some manager to explain the 'real work' I've done. Now most work places use Wikis for this, though I guess you could store docs on Sharepoint.
  • Oh Noooo...

    Another "click the picture" article.
  • Interesting Omissions Compared To Android List

    No PrinterShare or wi-fi apps.
  • Evernote

    I've had a lot of problems with Evernote - mainly failure to sync changes to other devices, but it's also lost data as well. I ended up not being able to trust it so I put it out to pasture and started using Wunderlist instead, which does everything Evernote does (only better).
  • Apps for business

    OK, there are many apps for business but in iphone they aren´t free (money for apple). These apps in google play are mostly free.
  • TOP 10 Best Travel Apps

    If you will travel, be ready with the top 10 best and most essentials apps for iPhone. With this shortlist you will be prepared to get the best hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and attractions.
    Angela Don