Top business travel apps

Top business travel apps

Summary: ZDNet UK presents a rundown of the best apps for people on the move, from flight checkers and Wi-Fi finders to tube maps and translation tools

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  • TripIt travel app

    Going on a business trip? Here's a rundown of 10 essential apps for use on the move, from currency converters and flight trackers to the latest in language tools and Wi-Fi finders.

    TripIt is a free organiser application that allows people to manage and review travel itineraries both online and offline. The app provides links to hotels and maps, and (in the Pro version) offers flight alerts and alternative flight options.

    TripIit is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

    Photo credit: TripIt

  • JiWire Wi-Fi finder app

    The free JiWire Wi-Fi finder app detects local Wi-Fi hotspots (both free and paid-for) and provides directions. People also have the option of submitting free Wi-Fi spots to the app's directory.

    JiWire lists more than 500,000 Wi-Fi locations in 144 countries. The UK tops the list with 112,881 hotspots.

    The app is available for iPhone and Android.

    Photo credit: JiWire

Topics: Mobility, Apps

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  • As of 22/3/2011 the Met Office App is no longer on the iTunes App store.
  • @TRT
    According to the Met Office, the app has been taken down temporarily while they make changes to the Weather Warnings aspect of the application. Once they have Apple approval, the app should be back up the store. Thanks, Jon
    Jon Yeomans
  • I tried to use the app to book a hotel but ended up freezing my phone. it seems to utilise a lot of resources. Ended up using my old useful site to book the hotel anyway as could no wait at