Top iOS, Android apps for preschoolers

Top iOS, Android apps for preschoolers

Summary: Apps can be both educational and fun you know.

TOPICS: Education

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  • Little Writer - The Tracing App for Kids

    Name: Little Writer - The Tracing App for Kids

    Developer: Innovative Mobile Apps

    PlatformiOS | 

    Price: $Free

    Once your child recognizes letters and numbers, it's time to get working on their motor skills to write them. This iOS tracing app comes preloaded with a large number of letters and words to practice, but parents and teachers can also customize the program to add their own lessons. 

  • iTouchiLearn Words: Speech & Language Skills

    Name: iTouchiLearn Words: Speech & Language Skills

    Developer: Staytoooned

    PlatformiOS | Android |

    Price: $1.99

    iTouchiLearn teaches children about the context of words, going beyond letter and word recognition, with animation and games. There are also others in the series that work with children on life skills, emotions, morning routines and numbers. 

  • What's Different - Odd One Out

    Name: What's Different - Odd One Out

    Developer: Remarkable Games

    Platform: | Android |

    Price: $Free/premium

    What's different? If you're trying to teach children from age three critical thinking skills and teach them how to differentiate between objects, these games -- 25 sets in the free version and 125 in the paid version -- can help them learn in an engaging way. For example, there may be three birds and a cat, and if the user picks the odd-one-out, they receive a reward. 

Topic: Education

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  • Fantastic!

    These apps look really good - especially Preschool Arcade.

    My daughter loves the Peppa Pig Android apps. They're great for preschoolers and help with counting and motor skills.