Top iOS, Android, Windows Phone apps for staying in touch

Top iOS, Android, Windows Phone apps for staying in touch

Summary: Whether to keep up with your friends or to support a long-distance relationship, there are plenty of apps across all platforms to help you stay in touch.


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  • IM+ Instant Messenger

    Name: IM+ Instant Messenger

    Developer: SHAPE GmbH

    Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone |

    Price: $Free / Premium

    Available in free and premium versions, IM+ is a simple and clean way to connect all of your messenger accounts -- whether Facebook, Skype, Yahoo or Gmail -- in to one list, and can send both text and voice messages to those online. 

  • Between - app for couples

    Name: Between - app for couples

    Developer: VCNC

    Platform: Android | iOS

    Price: $Free

    Between is an app designed purely for couples. Especially useful for those in a long-distance relationship, the app allows you to create a personal 'space' with your better half -- including a timeline dotted with photos and memos. You can also share status updates, leave voice mails and post images, and receive instant notifications when your partner updates something within the space. 


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  • poorly researched article

    I have a windows phone and there is no google+. Clearly you do not talk to friends are all platforms. the best ones that everyone has(IOS,Android, Windows phone and Blackberry) so far are Whatsapp, viber, skype, facebook messenger.
  • Missing !

    Author dropped Whatsapp !!,silly its one of the best crossplatform and clocking billions of text dialy: WindowsPhone,Android,iOS,Nokia Symbian,blackberry,......
  • Missing Viber and Voxer

    Almost everyone I know uses Viber to keep in touch. Some use Voxer but not as many.