Top iOS, Android, Windows Phone money saving and finance apps

Top iOS, Android, Windows Phone money saving and finance apps

Summary: Christmas is over and done with, but many of us are left with the bill. What apps are on the market to help you ration your expenses?


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  • GasBuddy

    Name: GasBuddy

    Developer: GasBuddy

    PlatformiOS | Android | Windows Phone

    Price: $Free

    A U.S.-centric application (no clues in the name, of course), GasBuddy is an online community of drivers who share and search for gas prices in the hunt for the best deal. The free app allows you to save some cash by searching cities and postal codes for the best deals to fill up the motor. 


  • Craigslist.

    Name: Craigslist.

    Developer: Lifelike Apps

    PlatformiOS | Android | Windows Phone

    Price: $Free

    Craigslist, the U.S. equivalent of the U.K.'s Gumtree, is a platform for classified advertisements. The Craiglist app is set up nicely -- a newspaper design and simple search functions help you in your search to find items second-hand, rather than splashing out for new products that you need. 


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  • android and iphone

    A crisis trust is the foundation of having a great particular money portfolio."start to get a thought of where your cash is going," from necessities like rent and nourishment to "optional classes" like attire and diversion. At that point, "set up significant objectives," like financing a wedding or putting something aside for retirement, "and begin sparing to those objectives."
  • thanks for including windows phone

    Most of the apps here are available on the platform and hopefully the others should join in soon. A lot of people don't like Apple or Google related products for them there's windows phone.
  • iOS and Android

    I don't use anything that only writes for iOS and Android.
  • Rotator?

    Forcing readers to load a page multiple times sucks. I refuse to read any articles that do that. HATE sites that do that. Using a rotator for reading a story is bullshit.

    Please, a one page article is easier to read. Thank you.
  • More click bait?

    Let me know when ZD ditches the click bait individual page views for carousels. I might actually view them as opposed to reading page 1 and closing the tab.
  • Long Term Saving

    I'm also concerned about long-term saving, like credit debt and student loans. I'm using Credit Sesame to manage and optimize these aspects of my finances. Very satisfied, especially because it's free.