Top iPad office apps Winter 2012 edition

Top iPad office apps Winter 2012 edition

Summary: The iPad may be a content consumption device but a lot of folks want to create content on the tablet. There is no Microsoft Office suite on the iPad (yet), but any one of these apps fill a lot of that void.

TOPICS: iPad, Apps

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  • TouchDocs

    This app puts a pretty face on the Google Drive apps for those preferring a better touch interface. It only works with the Google Drive service and replaces the Google office apps in Google Drive. It is a much better way to work with Google Drive docs.


  • Documents To Go Premium

    This is one of the top office suites for the iPad with good functionality coupled with the ability to handle most Office documents. It can't handle very complex Office documents but works well for my needs. It works with several cloud services as indicated in the screen above.


  • Documents To Go Premium

    This is one of the top office suites for the iPad with good functionality coupled with the ability to handle most Office documents. It can't handle very complex Office documents but works well for my needs.

    This screen shows a typical business spreadsheet in Docs To Go.


Topics: iPad, Apps

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  • Tru Dat!!!!

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • So much effort

    And all you get for that effort is 25% of a Microsoft Surface RT.

    Why settle for poorly written me-too Office copies when you can have the real thing in a tablet that is better than the iPad in every single way?

    Sent from my Surface RT: the one with MS Office, the one that doesn't require dozens of "here is how you can get close to Office" how-to articles.
    • What happens to your argruments when MS releases Office for iOS?

      My friend, that point hasn't come yet but it could after the holidays. Let's just say that there is no iOS hardware issues preventing a MS Office port to the iOS platform.
      • Life is too short to wait

        I'm using the best office suite today.
      • kenosha77a: "a MS Office port to the iOS platform"

        Will the iOS port be based on Office Mobile or Office RT? There's a fairly substantial difference in functionality.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
        • That's a great question.

          My guess is Office Mobile but I'm wishing for Office RT.

          Todd has good point, however, and he is currently using Office on a hardware platform optimized for it's use.
    • While real people

      ...with real jobs are working on their office documents on their desktops, with 20+ inch screens plus keyboard and mouse, so as to avoid real conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome, you will still be here on your soapbox, trumpeting the same old BS about pretending to do real work on a 10 inch screen and flexy keyboard.
      No one in their right mind will ever accept to work day after day on this thing just because it runs Office. No more than they would accept to work on a netbook.
      No one except for you maybe.
  • I didn't understand

    Are you saying we need these 12 apps just to do whatever MS Office is doing? James you have to be very clear. We want the James Kendrick who started jkOnTheRun, where he was totally informative.
    Ram U
    • No you don't need all of these

      Any one of these apps can be used by those needing to work with Office documents. You don't need all of them as I suspect you really knew all along. These are the choices iPad owners have at hand.
      • Ok, I know you didn't mean that

        but it wasn't clear. After reading yours and then Kenosha and Todd's conversation, one would assume the same. :D
        Ram U
  • hmmmmm

    So even though the Surface RT comes out with Office included, it is the bad deal. The iPad from above just spent $104 on Apps trying to do what the RT can do out of the box. So pretty much I can buy the RT and use the money saved on Apps to buy a blue Touch Cover. This isn't a knock against the iPad. Still a great device but just tired of seeing these blog writers hating on the RT but then give the iPad a pass. Overall if this works for you then good, but I like to have value when possible.

    Surface RT $499 + Touch Cover $119 = $620
    iPad 4 $499 + Keyboard $39 and up + Smart Cover $39 I think + $104 worth of office apps = $684
    • In my case I did not need teh entire iWorks suite...

      and since the iPad comes with a virtual keyboard I did not purchase that either. I did however get a cover... I can't recall exactly what I paid for Pages but I know it was no where near a 100.00. So minus the 39 for the keyboard for I did and do not require one. and as I admit I can't recall I think Pages was less than 50 but again I can't be certain so lets say 50. MS Office is a good product but for many if not clearly most people it is over kill for what they need/want it to do for them. So whay pay for more than you need is that value?

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • The vast majority of the tablet buying public

        are like you. They are not looking for the PC experience, on a tablet. On the occasion that one may need, to open up an Office document, like say a meeting room, where one can not drag their desktop witht them, then James' alternatives are all good.
        From my experience, most Office documents, render properly under iWork. Those that don't, are the onesthat are heavily macro'd.
  • Top iPad Office Apps?

    There are none.

    Get a Surface RT. Period. I have both devices. Once you use the Surface in a productivity setting, you will understand the word "top" can't be used to define an office or productivity app on the iPad.
  • Cloud on....duh is the best ipad office app by far and it's f'ing free.
  • Taking notes and sending structured reports

    iTakeNotes has been released on the appstore recently: the principle is to formalize notes during the meeting and get a meeting report as soon as the meeting is over in pdf and in .txt if you want to review the format. They provide audio recording and camera so as not to lose any data during the meeting. The app exists in english and french and a spanish version is on its way, it is a very productive tool for those who spent desperate time formalizing their meeting notes.