Top tech crowdfunding campaigns of the month: June 2014

Top tech crowdfunding campaigns of the month: June 2014

Summary: What are some of the most innovative tech projects and ideas seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo this month?


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  • ODIN: Android Smart Projector

    The Odin is an Android-based "smart" projector that displays online content from a compact, battery-operated device.

    The wifi-enabled projector is tailored for video streaming, and supports the projection of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon video content — as well as media from the web and mobile apps. Users can also access files from Dropbox or Skydrive, use Google's Chrome browser and connect a keyboard and mouse to the projector to work with Google Docs and Office 365.

    Users can also use the projector to play XBox games.

    Alex Yoo, the creator of the device, said the idea originated from frustration with cable contracts, and so he decided to cancel subscriptions as "I was getting all my news and entertainment via the Internet and my mobile phone." While more economical, Yoo missed watching films on widescreen television — and decided to merge mobile with projection.

    At the time of writing, over $160,000 has been raised of a $250,000 goal.

    Via: Kickstarter

  • Puracoat: Liquid Screen Protector

    Many of us have dropped our smartphones at some point, and sadly unlike the bricks of the past, screens are fragile things prone to breaking.

    Screen protectors and cases help prevent damage, but it seems that consumers want a more lightweight option — and so have supported Puracoat on Indiegogo.

    Puracoat is a nanotechnology-based fluid that can be applied over an entire smartphone to protect the gadget from scratches and water damage — while retaining full smartphone functionality, which sometimes is lost when applying air-trapping sticky screen protectors. The makers say the protective liquid is "undetectable by the naked eye" and is "synthesized to be next only to gemstones in hardness."

    Once a bottle is opened, the liquid has a shelf life of 18 months.

    At the time of writing, over $23,000 has been raised of a $500 goal.

    Via: Indiegogo

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  • VoCore: A coin-sized Linux computer with wifi

    VoCore is a wifi-enabled Linux computer the size of a coin.

    The tiny computer, which also works as a router, runs on OpenWrt and is equipped with 32MB SDRAM, 8MB SPI Flash and uses RT5350(360MHz MIPS) chips, as well as an ethernet and USB port. The creators say you can use VoCore with wireless and USB devices including scanners and printers, and the computer can also be used as a portable VPN router, wireless speaker, offline downloader and for the remote control of Arduino.

    At the time of writing, over $76,000 has been raised of a $6000 goal.

    Via: Indiegogo

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