Top tech gifts for the ultimate man cave [Gift Guide 2013]

Top tech gifts for the ultimate man cave [Gift Guide 2013]

Summary: If your favorite man likes to spend time lurking in his cave, what gifts and gadgets will get you bonus points this year?

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  • The Ultima Tool Chest

    Gift: The Ultima Tool Chest

    Price: $5048

    The Ultima Tool Chest from Kincrome is a great accessory for your other half's retreat. The 15 drawer, stainless steel tool chest, which measures 1330 x 580 x 1760mm, is not just a way to keep your items stored -- but also comes equipped with a 22 LCD television and a fridge. Not enough for your man? The chest includes a DVD & CD player and a full stereo system. 

    Via: Kincrome

    Image credit: Kincrome

  • The DIY gamer

    Gift: The DIY gamer

    Price: $80.35

    The DIY gamer from Technology Will Save Us will no doubt keep the IT-bent man entertained and quiet for hours. The DIY set allows a user not only to build their own games console, but encourages them to learn how to program their own video games through the company's custom software library. 

    Within the kit is all the necessary hardware, gaming controls, a buzzer and wireless infrared links. 

    Via: Dudeiwantthat

    Image creditTechnology Will Save Us 

  • Metal Compass X1 Xappr Gun

    Gift: Metal Compass X1 Xappr Gun

    Price: $49.99

    The Metal Compass X1 Xappr Gun from Metal Compass is a gaming accessory for smartphones -- taking shooters to the next level. If your other half is a fan of the shoot-em'-up and owns either an Android or iOS device, this accessory could be a good idea for Christmas.

    The gun works with a Plug and Play connection, and currently is compatible with over 20 games, although this list is constantly being updated. 

    Via: Amazon

    Image creditMetal Compass

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • The Gallery Curse

    When will zdnet authors realise that the stupid gallery format used on here is losing them readers.

    Nice door handle, that's as far as I'm going. Who knows what the rest is but I don't care enough to go through the hideous gallery arrangement.
    Little Old Man
    • Yep. Same here.

      Like the door handle.
      • re: The Gallery Curse

    • The Gallery Curse

  • Henge Dock

    I have written my post in my website:

    This is great if I have a 39", 42", or 47" television as a monitor as I don't have to buy an iMac with a fixed 27" display.

    The reason for a large monitor is so I don't have to zoom in too much compared to having a small monitor. With my 47" at 1920x1080, I don't have to zoom in at all in my Ubuntu desktop. I could settle for having a 39" but I like to watch movies at sizes 47" and higher, but any larger than 47" and I will have to shrink down my applications vertically. I like having horizontal real estate that my 47" screen provides. Of course, the only thing I can't do in my Ubuntu desktop is run Mac applications that are specifically for a Mac.
    Grayson Peddie
  • Universal remote price

    Shocking that a Logitech Harmony Touch universal remote costs nearly as much as an iPad Mini at this point. How can they not get that price lower? I have the Logitech Harmony 880, and some of the buttons have stopped working after 3-4 years. I'm having a really hard time thinking I have to spend $250 or more to replace it.
  • Wrong Logitech Harmony product

    Not interested in the Logitech Harmony Touch. The true geek will want the Harmony Smart Control, which includes the Harmony Hub that allows an iPhone or iPod Touch (not sure about Android) phone to be the advanced remote control, but also comes with a simple remote in case no phone is handy. For the price of Logitech Harmony Touch, I can get Harmony Smart Control and an iPod Touch on eBay (my phone is Windows Phone).
  • Another practical present

    My husband is a professional athlete, so I usually present him something related. But this year I ran out of ideas completely)). Recently was looking for some books on amazon and stumbled upon special proposal for post-workout products called BCAA. I have heard my husband mentioning this in connection with his trainings). Carefully consulted him – found out this product is broadly used by athletes! So I made an order at Already anticipating how surprised he would be!