Top ten apps for medical professionals

Top ten apps for medical professionals

Summary: What apps are available for the mobile medical professional?


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  • Name: Muscle trigger point

    Developer: Real Bodywork

    Compatibility: iOS | Android

    A handy app for researching muscle trigger points -- tight places in the muscle which cause pain. 

    Over 100 trigger points can be referenced in the application for over 70 muscles. Once you find a trigger point through a specific muscle or zone search, recommendations and notes pop up on screen. 

    The app costs $2.99, and may be useful not only for those in the medical field but people in sport.

  • Name: Micromedex

    Developer: Thomson Reuters

    Compatibility: iOS 

    The app is the mobile version of Micromedex's drug library. It includes the same search information, including dosage, toxicology and therapeutic class -- just from an iPhone or iPad. 

    An Internet connection is required.

  • Name: Visual DX

    Developer: Logical Images

    Compatibility: iOS | Android

    This useful app provides multiple images of different disease variations and strains. When it comes down to visual conditions, it can be useful for the mobile dermatologist to speed up the diagnosis process. Although the app is free and has recieved good reviews, like many professional resources it does require a subscription.

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