Top ten apps for medical professionals

Top ten apps for medical professionals

Summary: What apps are available for the mobile medical professional?


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  • Name: Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab

    Developer: Georgia Health Sciences University

    Compatibility: iOS 

    The virtual lab is an iPad-compatible application which shows the upper airways through a 3D map.  34 atonomical structures are included, and pinch-to-zoom tech allows for zooming in on particular areas or rotating a camera.

    Useful for medical students who want a more interactive approach than textbooks, the app would also be suitable as a teaching tool for patients. 

  • Name: Airstrip Cardiology

    Developer: Airstrip Technologies

    Compatibility: iOS

    Airstrip Cardiology has previously been named one of Apple's favorite medical applications. Clinicians with an iPhone can use the app to view a patient's full ECG history. Cardiac waveform data can be viewed and analyzed -- aiming for a quicker diagnosis and treatment of cardiac patients.

    As the app is aimed at health professionals, although the app is free, healthcare providers have to purchase and install Airstrip software to connect patient data with mobile devices. 

  • Name: Skyscape Medical Resources

    Developer: Skyscape

    Compatibility: iOS | Android

    A top-rated app used by medical professionals and students worldwide, the free app includes drug information, a medical search, medical calculators and data ranging over 800 separate topics.

    Also included for free is MedAlert -- a speciality-focused tool with journal articles, clinical news, drug alerts and links.

    For those that want more information, a number of premium packages can be purchased. 

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