Top travel apps for the iPhone

Top travel apps for the iPhone

Summary: A rundown of the most useful iPhone apps for travellers, from currency converters to dictionaries, health advisers and data-usage monitors


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  • Data management apps

    Travelling can be a zen thing; an escape. Some might enjoy the feeling of leaving behind their email account, others prefer to have their smartphone alive.

    In the following pages are some travel apps that we think are well worth using to let your smartphone add value to your trip. Please note that some of these apps will be better with, or will require you to have, an internet connection. They were all tested on an iPhone 4, but we have noted if they're available on any other mobile operating systems.

    Data management

    Onavo Extend
    iOS, Android

    Onavo is your data-limit hero. In a nutshell, Onavo will compress your data, so that what you use will cost you less. Not every internet service will get the benefits of Onavo compression, but the company is steadily growing its base.

    Apps that already have their data compressed include the likes of Facebook, Google Maps, Instagram and YouTube. You even get a breakdown of how much you're saving. It's not only a great way to save data, but also a great way to see which app is using the most.

    Data Usage

    Whatever your data limits are, you're going to want to keep track of them. Data Usage will give details on every aspect of your data usage, including whether you're likely to exceed your limits. It will even tell you where you last accessed mobile data based on a GPS location, just in case you want to find out where you blew that 50MB.

    Image credit: Onavo, sigterm

  • Diary-keeping apps

    Keep a diary

    Off Exploring

    Ever wanted to do a travel blog, but didn't know where to start, or you knew you wouldn't have regular access to a computer? Off Exploring is a travel blog website with a solid community of travellers, and, better still, a mobile app that doesn't require an internet connection to be useful.

    Like any good blog, Off Exploring allows you to make entries with photos, video and text, but with the added benefit of including a location for your posts, importing photos directly from your phone and the ability to queue all of this up in offline mode, ready for a Wi-Fi connection later.

    It's a great way to keep friends and family up to speed on how much fun you're having. Don't fret; you can still upload anything from your fancy dSLR via a computer at any time, too.

    Trip Journal
    iOS: £1.99; Android: Free
    iOS, Android

    Flicking through the pages of your diary and reminiscing about your old holidays can't be beat — except, of course, if your diary had GPS-enabled maps and geotagged photos, and you could share it to your favourite social network to rub it in your friends' faces.

    This app does exactly that. Open the app, start tracking your day and set off. Photos can be taken within the app or imported from your library. You can even go back and add photos, notes and places you visited at a later time. The end result is a map of your movements dotted with photos and notes — brilliant.

    iOS, Android

    Similar to Trip Journal, CheckMyTour will track your trip, geo-tag photos and let you make notes as you go. It will also allow you to check in using Foursquare, and use an 'Around Me' function to find local businesses, as well as posting all of this to Facebook, Twitter or the CheckMyTour community. It also stores some interesting statistics about the day, such as the local weather and the distance you travelled.

    Image credit: Off Exploring, iQapps

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