Top travel apps for the iPhone

Top travel apps for the iPhone

Summary: A rundown of the most useful iPhone apps for travellers, from currency converters to dictionaries, health advisers and data-usage monitors


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  • Health apps


    Travel Health

    You're likely to encounter one of a multitude of ailments when you're on the road. These could be as common as the appropriately named Delhi belly, or as life threatening as malaria. Travel Health breaks down symptoms into categories, such as Fever, Gut Problems, Altitude Sickness and Emergencies, but it also provides general first-aid tips and a drug-reference database.

    Information provided includes a description of symptoms that you might be having, what could be causing them and some of the treatments available. A visit to the doctor is always recommended, but Travel Health can give you an idea of the cause and severity of the symptoms you're experiencing.

    World Drugs Converter

    Once you know what's wrong with you and what's needed to fix it, there's another challenge. In many places, drugs can be found in general stores, where there are no medically trained staff, or the staff may not speak your language.

    The World Drugs Converter allows you to search by product name, molecule or therapeutic indication (symptom). It's a very simple app. It not only provides an extensive offline database of pharmaceutical drugs, but, more importantly, it helps you to find a local product that offers what you need. This allows you to either ask for the right product or check that the one you've bought contains the right ingredients to cure your health issue — it even supplies the name in the local language. An invaluable tool.

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  • Photosynth app



    Now, suggesting to anyone that they use photography apps to replace a full-blown camera is foolish, but Photosynth offers something else.

    Photosynth is the product of some clever work by Microsoft, allowing users of the mobile app to take seamless, 360-degree panoramas anywhere you can whip your phone out. The camera automatically snaps photo after photo as you turn your phone, slowly building a complete panorama; it's great for capturing scenes that no regular photo or video can properly see.

    Image credit: Microsoft

  • Worldictionary app



    Not only is Worldictionary able to translate from 21 languages to 59 languages (at the time of writing — though there are ongoing updates), it does so by sight.

    The translation engine is still based on either Google or Bing translations, but Worldictionary can do its translations by simply pointing your phone camera at the word in question. This can be hugely advantageous when, say, you're trying to read Chinese or other character-based languages — and it also saves you the hassle of typing in the word and using the right accents.

    You can either translate through the lens or from a photo, which can be taken by simply touching the screen. The app requires an internet connection, so taking a photo means that you can translate it later when you're online.

    Once the word has been detected, you can read a detailed description of its meaning, look it up on Wikipedia or do a YouTube search on it, just in case you need extra information on its context.

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