Top widgets for the Nexus 7

Top widgets for the Nexus 7

Summary: Android means widgets, and the large, high-res display of the Nexus 7 is tailor-made for them. These are some good widgets to put on your Nexus 7 home screens. Widgets are great on the Nexus 7 due to the Jelly Bean version of Android, which allows resizing any widget to fit the way you prefer.


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  • Beautiful Widgets

    The top two widgets in this screen are both from Beautiful Widgets, which allows customization of the clock and weather info on the home screen.

    There are hundreds of free skins to download within the settings to make your Nexus 7 home screen your own.

  • Beautiful Widgets

    Beautiful Widgets handles screen rotation beautifully, as demonstrated in this landscape screen. 

    Note that home screen rotation was possible due to the Ultimate Rotation app.

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  • Trouble is the widgets are too big

    My own opinion of course is that the Widgets are too big for the small screen. I would rather keep a lot of apps on my home screen then take up space with a Widget. I realize you can have more then one screen set but for me I don't care to use Widgets when I can launch a app that provides more information almost as quickly.
    • Many widgets on one screen

      ... is the whole point. Then you know which apps to open for more info!
      • Let's see ...

        I have a clock on my PC and my desk phone. There's a clock on my toaster oven, my microwave, my over and my coffee machine. There's a clock on my cable box and my Blu-Ray player. There's a clock on my phone. And if I owned this thing, I'd have a clock in the upper right corner of the screen. Who the hell need another goddamn clock?
  • Can Nexus7 act as USB host?

    James, the Samsung Galaxy Note and SIII can act as USB hosts and one can plug in a micro USB/USB OTG cable to these devices and thus access additional content (off of the flashdrive, cardreader, etc attached to the micro USB/USB cable). Considering the 8GB/16GB limitation of the Nexus7, if it can act as a USB host, this is a solution to the storage limitations of the Nexus7. I am able to access at least 16GB of additional content off of my microUSB/USB OTG cable. Very small footprint and ou can access content directly or download content to the devices free of desktop or laptop. Just a thought.


      I use Nexus Media Importer. I connect my otg cable to my 32GB Nexus 7 and to my 64GB flash drive. If that's not enough memory for me, I exchange the 64 for a 32 I also use. That's approximately 120 usable memory space. On a device I can put in my pocket.
      YES THE NEXUS 7 CAN BE USED AS A USB HOST. Hope this helps.
      Great blogs Mr. Kendrick, sir! Please keep up the good work. Cheers
      Danny Cannon
  • Is it just me?

    Or did anybody else think; yawn - these widgets are about as interesting as the Vista sidebar!
  • Google Gobbles Like a Turkey

    My brand new nexus 7 died on the fifth day I had it.
    My refund is en route.

    Google is like Microsoft - dumping product on the market before it is ready.
    • You're complaining

      Because of good customer service?
      big red one
  • Registered for this comment

    Why make a list of the best N7 widgets but have most of them the same thing? Just pick the best out of the category and move on. Horrible article.
  • rotation unlocked right out of the box

    I've had mine just over a week. Never had to worry with rotational issues. I notice some items mentioned in your earlier posts have already been fixed by Nexus, thankfully. Still helpful to us new to the android/Google market.

    I'm a recent convert from iOS and I love the android system. My nexus 7 is so much more open and usable than my iPhone 5 or my family's iPod collections. I use my iPhone for cellphone calls (novel idea, eh?) And to tether WiFi for my tablet. I ordered my wife a nexus 7 two days ago. She loves your articles and is excited to setup her new toy.
    Please keep up the great writing.
    Danny Cannon