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CeBIT Australia 2008 lands in Sydney

CeBIT Australia 2008, the local incarnation of the world's biggest ICT trade show, opens in Sydney tomorrow with this year's fair expecting 35,000 visitors, including 1,500 from overseas.

May 18, 2008 by Alex Serpo


Ballmer claims Microsoft is thinking green

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has claimed that more efficient use of IT is one of the company's main priorities for the future despite the fact Microsoft has been widely criticised for producing resource-hungry software.

March 5, 2008 by Dietmar Mueller


Photos: Mobile tech at CeBIT

New hardware on show at CeBIT in Germany this year includes a Windows version of a low-power laptop and a notebook designed for air travel.

March 4, 2008 by Matt Loney

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CeBIT: Complete coverage

Many firsts were achieved at the recent IT trade show, CeBIT Australia 2007, in Sydney. Find out more plus check out our full coverage of the event.

May 7, 2007 by Fran Foo

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Google ambushed at CeBIT

The world's most adored tech company faced an unexpected string of criticism at its keynote during CeBIT last week.The conference hall was packed to capacity on day one of CeBIT to hear the search giant's vice president for enterprise, Dave Girouard, give his keynote.

May 7, 2007 by Steven Deare


CeBIT: Final day wrap

CeBIT Australia 2007 has ended on a high, with all exhibitors and visitors polled saying they plan to return next year.

May 3, 2007 by Fran Foo, Luke Anderson and Nick Gibson


CeBIT: Day Two highlights

Electronic government took centre stage on the second day of CeBIT Australia 2007 in Sydney, with Ann Steward, chief information officer for the Australian government and special minister of state Gary Nairn addressing a full house. Extras: video and photo gallery.

May 2, 2007 by Steven Deare and Scott Mckenzie


Photos: CeBIT Australia 2007

CeBIT Australia is on again for 2007 with hundreds of IT products and services on display in addition to the conference, keynotes and forums. Join us as we take a photo tour of the exhibition halls.

May 2, 2007 by Luke Anderson

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CeBIT: e-Govt backup needs more work?

The federal government has more work to do in ensuring business continuity within the e-government arena, according to Ann Steward, Australian government chief information officer. Steward, speaking at the e-Government Forum at CeBIT today, said business continuity was not new to government but it had to "step up in that regard".

May 1, 2007 by Scott Mckenzie


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