Technology is such a vital competitive differentiator that all business execs, whether they are CIOs, CEOs, CFOs or CMOs, need to understand the essentials.

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Ten catastrophes: All-time worst tech industry executive decisions

IT, software and computer companies are certainly not without their share of poor executive decisions and mismanagement. While dozens of notable examples could have made our list, these were by far the top top 10 worst in the history of the technology industry, causing many billions of dollars of lost revenue or resulted in the downfall of entire companies.

September 1, 2011 by


Raspberry Pi: A $25 ultra-low-cost computer

The Raspberry Pi is an ultra-low-cost computer system that packs a considerable wallop in an ultra-small form factor. With two models -- $25 and $35, respectively -- they will be extremely affordable solutions. Worldwide availability is expected in November 2011.

August 27, 2011 by Stephen Chapman


A closer look at the Data Robotics Drobo B800i

As a small business grows the need for additional data storage grows with it. One of the most cost effective ways to add storage capacity is with a Storage Area Network (SAN) server. If your business has reached the point where SAN capacity is vital to continued operations, then perhaps it is time to consider the Drobo B800i.

June 28, 2011 by Mark Kaelin


CeBIT 2011 starts: exhibition photos

The annual CeBIT show started today in Sydney, with numerous speeches from technology heavy weights as well as stands from vendors ready to spruik their technology.

May 30, 2011 by Luke Hopewell and Suzanne Tindal


Foistware: how software companies push software you don't need

I keep running into a sleazy trick that some software vendors play, and I’ve finally reached the breaking point. Software companies large and small try to make a quick buck by tricking their customers into installing software they don’t need. I’m experienced enough to bypass this stuff most of the time, but many of my friends and family members aren’t. And guess who gets the call when some add-on or toolbar has slowed their system to a crawl?I call it foistware, and I’ve decided it’s time to name and shame the worst purveyors of this plague.

April 28, 2011 by

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