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With the rise of the cloud, the modern datacentre -- or datacenter -- is undergoing a metamorphosis as companies look to new technologies to help them squeeze the most out of their IT infrastructure. ZDNet has embarked on a year-long datacentre tour to get a handle on which vendors are making it big, which strategies companies are using to cut the costs of running their power-hungry datacentres and how the growth of cloud computing is shaking up the market.

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Datacentres of the world: A photo tour

Datacentres are the IT palaces that provide the backbone of our working lives. Take a tour of datacentres around the world, from the UK to Iceland to Texas, in this round-up of cutting-edge facilities.

December 6, 2012 by Staff

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Inside an Icelandic datacentre

ZDNet UK visited Iceland to see how a 100-percent renewable energy-powered free-cooled datacentre fared using Colt's modular design in Iceland's remote, chilly climate

March 17, 2012 by Jack Clark


By the numbers: Telstra's London datacentre

Telstra's Docklands datacentre is being revamped to bring hot and cold aisle separation to its racks and has plans to create a large heat exchanger in the future to further boost efficiency

October 25, 2011 by Jack Clark


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