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Innovation spend to rise in banks: IDC

Current IT spending within banks and financial institutions focuses on maximising staff productivity and keeping the lights on, but that's all about to give way to more innovative projects in the near future, according to IDC analysts.

August 8, 2011 by Luke Hopewell

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Hulu CEO: New ad innovations offer more choice to TV watchers

At the NewTeeVee conference in San Francisco, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar talks about new ad concepts the company is developing for its users, including a smart promotional spot and the option to watch a movie trailer instead of a 30-second commercial. Kilar says the future of TV is advertising but that he believes in lightening the number of ads viewers see today.

November 10, 2010


The Future Of... Hospitals

Hospital stays are rarely relaxing - but at Mountain View's El Camino Hospital, robots run errands, communication devices keep noise to a minimum and patient beds help translate doctors' orders. ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das takes a tour of one of the most technologically advanced medical facilities in the world.

September 1, 2010


Interop: Avaya chief pushes SIP

At the Interop conference in Las Vegas, Kevin Kennedy, CEO of Avaya, outlines the characteristics of Session Initiation Protocol. He sees SIP as a consolidating technology that will follow a similar adoption path to that of TCP/IP.

April 28, 2010


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