The demand for storage never ebbs and companies like EMC and NetApp are poised to benefit. EMC is the largest storage player in the enterprise and has key consumer assets such as Iomega and Mozy. Storage touches everything from the data center to that iPod in your pocket. A key trend: Solid state drive adoption. Other key players: Seagate, Sandisk and Western Digital.

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IBM Storwize V7000

IBM's Storwize V7000 is a mid-range SAN disk array with some very high-end features. Its data migration and virtualisation capabilities are well suited to organisations with SAN disk arrays in need of consolidation or replacement.

April 1, 2011 by Roger Howorth


Dane-Elec MyDitto (1TB)

Dane-Elec's MyDitto is a competitively priced 1TB NAS box offering impressively straightforward remote access, although it lacks one or two common features.

July 26, 2010 by Mary Branscombe


Data Robotics Drobo Elite

Data Robotics has taken its self-managing storage technology and added dedicated iSCSI Gigabit interfaces to create a fast, reliable and extremely usable small-business SAN appliance.

June 17, 2010 by Alan Stevens


Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d

This neat 4-drive NAS box will fit in pretty much anywhere and, if you need the added enterprise-level features, is good value for money.

December 11, 2009 by Manek Dubash


HP StorageWorks X510 Data Vault

Don't let its size or consumer heritage fool you: the StorageWorks X510 is a powerful backup, sharing and remote access solution that's ideal for smaller offices with limited IT support.

October 19, 2009 by Kelvyn Taylor


Data Robotics DroboPro

DroboPro is a business-class RAID storage array that accepts virtually any SATA disk on the market, supports iSCSI and pretty much looks after itself. What more could you want?

September 18, 2009 by Alan Stevens


Data Robotics Drobo Pro

Drobo Pro is a business-class RAID storage array that accepts virtually any SATA disk on the market, supports iSCSI and pretty much looks after itself. What more could you want?

September 17, 2009 by Alan Stevens


Netgear ReadyNAS NVX

The ReadyNAS NVX is a highly capable network storage appliance that will work equally well in a small or medium-sized business or at home. It supports a wide range of protocols and is easy to manage.

July 2, 2009 by Jonathan Bennett


D-Link DNS-343

For sharing media files and other documents on a home network, the DNS-343 would be fine. For business use, the awkward permissions system makes management more difficult than it needs to be.

June 29, 2009 by Jonathan Bennett


Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440

Although Seagate's BlackArmor 440 is not the easiest NAS server to set up and use, it's a good choice for small businesses and advanced users.

April 29, 2009 by Dong Ngo


Seagate FreeAgent Go

Seagate's FreeAgent Go is our favourite portable hard drive to date, earning it an Editors' Choice award. The drive is well designed and fast, and you won't find better value for money.

September 30, 2008 by Justin Yu


Hitachi SMS100

Hitachi's SMS100 is an excellent mid-range iSCSI storage system that uses RAID6 to maintain fault tolerance even when one disk has failed.

September 5, 2008 by Roger Howorth


Compellent Storage Center 4.0

Storage Center 4.0 combines industry-standard hardware with Compellent's block-level virtualisation technology to create a very powerful, flexible and cost-effective SAN solution.

August 28, 2008 by Alan Stevens


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