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The unified communications puzzle has come together via video conferencing and various messaging technologies.

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VoIP: Ready for prime time

Madhu Yarlagadda from Yahoo explains the reliability issues that have prevented VoIP from taking off. But he says that through Stun, Turn and Ice technologies, VoIP now offers 100% reliability and is ready for prime time.

November 4, 2005


Powell hits back at criticism over broadband penetration

At the Voice on the Net 2005 conference in San Jose, Calif., outgoing FCC chairman Michael Powell talks with CNET News.com's Charles Cooper in a Face to Face interview about the success of Internet telephony. He also candidly discusses telecommunications mergers and the collapse of long-distance services.

March 9, 2005


Powell swan song has VoIP tune

VoIP's future is bright, but industry leaders must continue to focus on effective regulation, Michael Powell said as he delivered his final speech as head of the Federal Communications Commission to a Voice on the Net conference audience in San Jose, Calif.

March 9, 2005


Home digital home

Will digital homes be comfortable and easy to use or a tangle of wires and standards? Intel spokeswoman Jennifer Lashua gives CNET correspondent James Hilliard a tour of the chipmaker's latest technologies, brought together to make digital living simpler.

November 4, 2004


Are consumers ready for VoIP?

Hoping consumers are ready to embrace Internet-delivered phone services, Linksys has announced a partnership with Verizon to provide its VoIP phone adapters to new Verizon subscribers . Correspondent James Hilliard asks Linksys founder Victor Tsao and Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney if the average consumer is ready for Internet telephony.

September 30, 2004


Skype goes mobile

Skype for Pocket PC Version 1.0 promises to bring Internet telephony to Wi-Fi enabled PDA devices using the Pocket PC operating system. CNET's Rafe Needleman gets a demonstration from Skype product manager Eileen Broch at DemoMobile in La Jolla, Calif.

September 15, 2004


AT&T jumps into VoIP

In an exclusive Face to Face interview, AT&T CEO David Dorman tells ZDNet's editor in chief, Dan Farber, that he's going after an untapped market -- VoIP. Dorman sizes up the competition, discusses claims that his company is undervalued, and defends AT&T's declining top line.

August 25, 2004


Security is key for VoIP

While bottom-line savings are a popular draw to voice over Internet Protocol, ZDNet's David Berlind talks to Jeff Ridley of ShoreTel and David Heard of SecureLogix about the importance of securing the system against the same attacks that plague data networks.

May 17, 2004


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