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India claws back BPO business from arch-rival Philippines

India has watched a large exodus of BPO business to the Philippines, thanks to the country's more employable youth who are equipped with fluent English and perfect American accents. Now, however, companies are beginning to migrate back due to a greater need for integrated tech services.

August 25, 2014 by Rajiv Rao

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Consumers will pay more in piracy crackdown: Economists

Two well-known economists, Allan Fels and Henry Ergas, have warned that the Australian government's proposed measures to reduce online copyright infringement will remove the competitive pressure on content owners to lower the price of TV shows and films to compete against infringing downloads.

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3D printing: Alternatives and accessories

3D printing isn't the only way to get 3D objects out of your computer. Here are some complementary tools for everything from crafting your own designs to serious structural engineering.

published 15 hours ago by Mary Branscombe

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