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To Morrow, when the NBN war began

NBN Co is becoming a parody of itself as new CEO Bill Morrow strongarms would-be competitors and a multi billion dollar organisation justifies a 180-degree policy turnaround on the back of a single, non-representative speed test.

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Maturing the NoSQL argument

A system cannot mature its way out of a fundamentally wrong architectural choice. Companies as modern and data-focused as Facebook, Google, and Cloudera continue to make meaningful investments in SQL technologies.

published 6 hours ago by Ryan Betts

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India IT services export to grow 13 percent

India's IT outsourcing exports are projected to climb 13 to 15 percent in fiscal 2015 to hit US$99 billion, with growth fueled by higher spending by banks and other sectors amid better global economic landscape, Nasscom projects.

February 11, 2014 by


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