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Obsolete tech 1: Communications

There have been many technological inventions that have either failed or have been superseded by better innovations. Here we take a look at communications technologies that made it – and those that crashed and burned.

published 19 minutes ago by Eileen Brown


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BiTMICRO targets content delivery and big data

Solid state storage devices are all the rage. Storage suppliers have applied SSD technology to caches, storage volumes and even complete storage systems. BiTMICRO is bringing its SSD technology to the commercial market to address the needs of content delivery and big data analytics.

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How I crowdsourced my puppy's name

If you can engage your social media audience and create interest, they will be there to help you out as well. The power of an interested, supportive, on-demand focus group is not to be underestimated. Plus, there are puppy pictures.

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