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NBN users to be warned of blackout risk

Telcos will have to inform NBN FttP customers that in the case of a blackout, the phone and internet connection will drop unless a backup power unit is installed, under a new ruling by the ACMA

published 29 minutes ago by AAP


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Roadmap for a mobile future

Smartphones, tablets and apps have become a central part of our lifestyle, making us more connected than ever before. Many small business are already reaping major benefits following a move to mobile. Krishan Sharma reports on some success stories and outlines the major considerations for others looking to go mobile.

published 2 hours ago by Krishan Sharma


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Obsolete tech 1: Communications

There have been many technological inventions that have either failed or have been superseded by better innovations. Here we take a look at communications technologies that made it – and those that crashed and burned.

published 9 hours ago by Eileen Brown


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