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Enterprise 2.0 portrays a Web-centric vision of the corporation that will feature collaboration, cloud computing and many applications that will look familiar to workers accustomed to Google and Facebook. Enterprise 2.0 consists of technology architectures such as service oriented architecture under the hood. The Enterprise 2.0 discussion can seem academic, but it's important to ponder. Are we there yet?

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Yahoo: Lars Rabbe, CIO

Yahoo CIO Lars Rabbe works in a competitive and rapidly changing market, where new ideas can affect millions of users. His current challenge: innovating around Web 2.0 and social networking. In a CIO Vision Series interview, he talks about some of the tools and technologies that are driving development at Yahoo and how to promote a culture of innovation.

published September 12, 2006 by


Digg this: A video treasure trove

Kevin Rose, the former "Dark Tipper" of TechTV fame, chats with CNET's Neha Tiwari at Digital Hollywood Building Blocks in San Jose, Calif. Rose, whose blog-based site Digg helps users browse and find interesting stories on the Net, speaks about the increasing popularity of video and predicts what his site's next gold mine could be.

published August 15, 2006 by


Mashup technologies empower home buyers

Steve Chainey bought his dream home using Zillow.com, a Web 2.0 sitethat combines satellite mapping imagery with home valuation analysis.This site and others like it provide consumers with research tools thathave been difficult to access in the past, potentially disrupting thetraditional real estate paradigm.

published August 15, 2006 by


Enterprise Mashups

Enterprise information has traditionally been stored in silos, with employees connecting to them separately. Zimbra's Ross Dargahi explains how mashups, widely used in the consumer space, can make that information more easily accessible.

published March 1, 2006 by


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