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Discussions of how information technology is changing Australia's public sector. We also look at technology implementations and migrations at various levels of government.

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NICTA Techfest 09: Photos

NICTA Techfest 09: Photos

The publicly-funded research body National ICT Australia (NICTA) held its annual showcase of technology yesterday. On show was technology ranging from bionic eyes to a mathematically-proven operating system kernel.

August 12, 2009 by in Open Source

AusCERT 2009: Photo gallery

AusCERT 2009: Photo gallery

Australia's largest annual security conference, AusCERT, is underway for another year, and continues the tradition of bringing security gurus, vendors and members of government under one roof.

May 19, 2009 by in Security

Photos: NICTA robot plays the clarinet

Photos: NICTA robot plays the clarinet

Australian ICT research centre NICTA has teamed up with a robotics group from the University of NSW (UNSW) to build a robot that plays the clarinet, demonstrating new applications of embedded systems.

July 20, 2008 by in Legal

Photos: Australian broadband coverage

Photos: Australian broadband coverage

With a fierce battle raging over Australia's broadband future and how bush users should be connected, regulators have weighed in to produce a state of nation report into the country's communications infrastructure and how well consumers are being served by their providers.

June 26, 2007 by in Networking

Defence discovers 3000 apps: Video

In an interview discussing various aspects of Defence IT, department chief information officer Greg Farr said he'd discovered almost 3000 more applications on his servers than he had previously been aware of.

February 24, 2010 by in CXO

Video: IIA on iiTrial judgement

Internet Industry Association CEO Peter Coroneos spoke in a doorstop in front of the Federal Court about what the internet industry thought about iiNet's win against the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft.

February 3, 2010 by in Telcos

Minchin would bring back OPEL

If the Coalition were back in power today it would bring back the $950 million rural broadband network plans which Communications Minister Stephen Conroy cancelled, Shadow Minister Nick Minchin said in a video interview with last week.

March 8, 2009 by in NBN

Customs: Murray Harrison, CIO

Australian Customs CIO Murray Harrison dislikes SLAs and runs away if a vendor talks to him about innovation. In this interview, he also explains why getting excited about gadgets can be dangerous and talks about how Customs' outsourcing strategy has evolved.

July 16, 2008 by in CXO

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